My partner couldn’t get hard, then everything changed.

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There’s a lot of information out there on what to do when your partner isn’t able to get hard.

Do a simple Google search and you’ll find this article, this one, or this one from Elite Daily, the Huffington Post, and the like. All of them in some way or another site the following reasons for your man not getting hard:

  1. Being nervous
  2. Masturbating too much
  3. Taking medications like antidepressants
  4. Being stressed in other parts of his life

They all underline that it’s not because you aren’t pretty enough, or you suck at kissing, or you smell bad. That it’s not your fault. There are other things your partner is dealing with which may cause erectile dysfunction. …

How to be in a relationship when being single is so awesome

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I looked around me at the crowd of smiling young Spaniards. The city of Barcelona stretched out beyond us. The weather was perfect. The music was perfect. My life was perfect. In my moment of euphoria, I thought:

Thank God I’m here again. And thank God this time I’m single.

Seven years before that techno party on the top of a mountain, I’d visited Barcelona for the first time with my college boyfriend. On that trip, we stayed in quaint hotels. We took pictures in front of old buildings. We ate tapas and drank wine.

But that was it. We hadn’t done anything extraordinary. …

You can expand your normal dating pool with a little bit of effort

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If I see a white guy on the street, my eyes are more likely to linger on him than on a man of a different race. On a dating app, I’m more likely to swipe right on a white face. All of my serious boyfriends have been white men.

One could say I’m into white dudes.

And some of you may chalk this up to pure preference. Just like someone might be into an athletic build, another might be into lighter skin. It’s just the way it is.

You can’t control who you fall for. Right?

Well, I’m here to tell you, you can. You can expand your dating preferences with just a little awareness and effort. …


Sarah Stroh

*Sex positive coder/writer* I overshare personal stories about sex, love, and non-monogamy. Get the nitty gritty details -> https://monogamish.substack.com

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