This summer, I’ve decided to attempt to contribute to the Internet of Things, by joining Medium — for many reasons.

First reason is to overcome my inherent fear of writing. I normally dread every moment (even trying this right now) of sitting and putting my words on paper and the longest I like to spend time to sit and type are five sentence emails. So this will be an interesting challenge for me.

Second reason I’ve decided to join Medium, is to utilize it for my source of therapy as I am a millennial and have shitty insurance and income that does not afford me a psychologist/therapist on the regular. I also want to get validation that I am infact not crazy.

Third reason why I’m writing to you today, the reader, is to get your guidance and opinions on the situations that I’m going through. I am someone who truly believes that you are only as good as the people you surround you with and it indeed takes a village to raise a child. So with my last fledgling years of youth goes by (23yo btw) I’d like Medium community’s input on the trials and tribulations of millennial living in NYC.

Hope you enjoy and get ready for a ride.