12 new startups pitch emerging media & technology concepts at NYC Media Lab’s Combine Demo Day

Teams are commercializing technologies such as 3D modeling, haptics, biosensing, computer vision, machine learning, IoT, conversational interfaces and virtual and augmented reality

NYC Media Lab Combine

Last week at NYC Media Lab’s Combine Demo Day, a dozen NYC university startup teams pitched their concepts. Combine Demo Day marked the culmination of an intensive 12-week lean launchpad process, which included hundreds of industry interviews, customer discovery and market validation. 2017 cohort members are now gearing up to launch new products and services, participate in accelerator and incubator programs, compete for their next rounds of funding, and make their mark across a range of industries, including media and gaming, health, architecture and construction, and more.

Team pitch videos are now up on YouTube, and are linked for each presentation below. Details about the program are available at thecombine.nyc. If you’d like to learn more about these teams, or be in touch, don’t hesitate to contact info@nycmedialab.org.


The New School
Jelena Gregov, Moreno Belic
AWOL is an augmented reality platform that provides easy implementation of content, immersive city tours, and virtual pop-up shops to create site-specific experiences. awol.nyc


Ada Slusarczyk, Chris Lysiuk, Darren Yee, Nick Molinski
An augmented reality mobile application for construction general contractors to visualize 3D designs on-site. acculistech.com


Columbia University
Jie Feng, Svebor Karaman
EyeStyle is an artificial intelligence system that discovers fashion products from inspiring visuals. eyestyle.io


NYU & Brown
Christopher Mitchell, Ph.D. and Thomas Dickerson
Geopipe builds immersive virtual copies of the real world automatically for architects and beyond. geopi.pe


City College
Aashna Shah, Elnara Mikhaylova, Revital Schechter, Abhishek Samdaria, Karina Vargas, Christine Mossiah
Gleam is a conversational interface that is using automated text reminders to improve patient retention in community behavioral health clinics. gleamtech.co


Mithru Vigneshwara, Roi Lev, Ondina Frate, Joakim Quach
Myx is a prototyping tool for VR and 360 to collaboratively create, share and get feedback on your storyboard and idea — it is the google docs for 360 and VR pre-production and planning. myxreality.com

Remo Haptics

Pratt Institute — NYU Tandon School of Engineering 
Evan Huggins, Aaron Nesser, Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, Caitlin Sikora
Remo is a smart knee sleeve for sports training that helps adjust movement patterns for optimal performance using biosensing and haptic feedback. remohaptics.com

Semblance AR

NYU — Tandon School of Engineering
Mark Skwarek, Yao Chen, Alice Formwalt, John Pasquarello
Semblance AR lets you make 3D videos of people, places and events with your depth-sensing smartphone and share them with friends and family as augmented reality experiences. semblancear.com

StreetSmarts VR

Columbia Business School
George Lamb, Jack Guevara, Todd Wisman
The mission of StreetsSmarts VR is to bring realistic virtual reality simulation training and workforce analytics to state and local police departments. streetsmartsvr.com


Pratt Institute
Victor Vina, Lillian Tong, Doremy Diatta, Julian Goldman
Voice-enabled digital companions for millennials. teleobjects.io


Taiwan Startup Stadium
Allen Yu, Sandy Lin, Yu-Yi Chen, Jayson Chiang, Julie Hsieh, Wynn Chen
Toii gamifies your travel experience with AR location-based game. toii.io


Taiwan Startup Stadium
Ben Chang, Momo Lee, Pofat Tseng, Cyril Yu
AI personal sommelier who finds the best wine for you. vinohunt.diuit.com

NYC Media Lab values the support of everyone who made this program a success, including our sponsors at the New York City Economic Development Corporation and the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, NYC Media Lab’s member companies, and friends and mentors from across the NYC media and technology ecosystem.

If you’d like to learn more about these teams, or be in touch, don’t hesitate to contact info@nycmedialab.org.