Announcing the Cohort: Publicis Health Digital Health AR Startup Bootcamp

Four NYC university-affiliated startup teams were selected to participate in this summer’s challenge, focused on commercializing AR technologies for healthcare.

NYC Media Lab
Jun 1, 2017 · 3 min read

In partnership with NYC Media Lab, Publicis Health has awarded $25,000 funding and development support to four entrepreneurial startup teams that want to build augmented reality solutions to impact the healthcare industry. The program, which kicks off this month in June of 2017, will take the teams through a 6-week, zero-equity, accelerator program to encourage and support customer discovery and market validation.

The teams were selected following a competitive, city-wide recruitment process that included interviews with representatives from Digitas Health, Publicis Groupe, Publicis Health, and NYC Media Lab. Selected startups were chosen. Selected startups were chosen based on the strength of their ideas, their team backgrounds, and their potential to succeed in a “Lean Launchpad” evidence-based entrepreneurship program, and apply upcoming lessons to innovate the digital health experience.

Learn more about each team, their startup concepts, and university affiliations below.

Innovation at work: NYC Media Lab and Publicis Health’s Startup Bootcamp will follow five teams working to create digital health solutions.


Parsons School of Design MFA Design + Technology Program

HealthiAR makes the invisible visible. AR allows users to connect to their health and gain a better understanding of how disease and the body work. There is a lot that can be lost in translation when you are in a doctors office. Medical terms and jargon can sound intimidating. HealthiAR gives users agency over their health, providing patients and family members a visual and tangible method of accessing their health.

Team Members: Courtney Snavely, Jane Mitchell


Parsons School of Design MFA Design + Technology Program

This AR experience provides a joyful hospital journey for young patients who have hospital phobia. HosPhob wants to create a joyful journey for children that will take their attention and help them to overcome their fear by using AR storytelling. Playful stories will be overlapped with the physical hospital space, engaging children until they leave the hospital.

Team Members: Tuba Ozkan, Mi Sung Kim, Taeyeon Kim


NYU Tandon School of Engineering: M.S. Computer Science and Executive Management of Technology Programs

MealPic is a personalized, realistic health tracking and meal planning app that lets users record meals with a simple photo and plans for their dynamic lifestyles. MealPic leverages image recognition to deliver convenient nutrition stats and meal suggestions for busy, tech-friendly, health-conscious consumers. MealPic leverages AR to enable users to make more educated, healthier decisions.

Team Members: Tue Lu, Zhongheng Li, YouxingGao


Borough of Manhattan Community College: Multimedia Design and Programming & Computer Science Programs

SmartMatter is developing a system that assigns diagnostic codes to a 3D anatomical structure, to demonstrate diagnostic procedures in AR. This application will assist persons in and outside of the medical field to access diagnostic information, and apply diagnostic solutions. The program will help medical professionals to be more efficient, and demonstrate medical procedures to individuals without direct access to healthcare.

Team Members: Viktoriya Sosa, Clara Fairbanks, Tamim Mansoori

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