One-to-One, Measured, and Connected: Lessons Learned on Mobile Futures

Top reactions and takeaways from “Mobile Futures,” hosted by NYC Media Lab and Razorfish

What happens when you convene technologists, faculty members, and students across a wide range of disciplines—including marketing, design, health, finance, music technology, and electrical engineering—for an evening of demos and presentations, with a drop or two of beer and good conversation?

For one, the fuzzy future of emerging mobile technologies begins to take shape. This was Mobile Futures, hosted at Razorfish the evening of April 23. We invited more than 20 companies to demo their apps, prototypes, and hardware for a crowd of 250 guests. Following the demos were presentations and predictions from Razorfish’s Tom Cramer, Cornell Tech’s Deborah Estrin, Chase Card Service’s Manning Field, oomolo Inc’s Carl Schulenburg, and Columbia University’s Gil Zussman.

90 seconds of the sights and sounds of Mobile Futures. See more NYC Media Lab videos at

So what does the future look like? Here are some key takeaways, compiled with some help from our guests on Twitter. Tweet us @nycmedialab to give us your take on the future of mobile.

1. Mobile’s moment is already here.

2. The Internet of Things will play an increasing role.

3. The digital traces we leave behind from a range of consumer services can help us realize our habits—and help inform better ones.

4. The effort to win in mobile payments transcends transactions.

This means loyalty and offer incentives. “It’s how do you move beyond the transaction and how do you take things like small and big data and make it into a useful experience for the customer where we can add value, we can drive preference for our products and our solutions,” said Chase’s Manning Field to

5. Whatever happens, the future will be big.

Below are photos from the evening and a full list of demo participants. See more photos on our Flickr set, and learn more about NYC Media Lab at

Next generation microdisplays for augmented reality from Lumiode, Inc.
My-Frame, an interactive digital frame, from NYU ITP students Peiqi Su & Yu-Ting Feng
Energy Harvesting Active Networked Tags (EnHANTs) are small, flexible, and energetically self-reliant devices from Columbia University.
Smart bike navigation from Hammerhead.
A new take on the restaurant menu from NYU ITP students Dana Reginiano & Maximo Sica. Read more about their demo on Business Insider:
Connected jewelry by Ringblingz.

The Demos

Affectiva, Inc.
Emotional measurement via facial analysis

Scan, Hear — Any TV, Anywhere

Creating Datadipity
Faster ways of delivering software applications

Energy Harvesting Active Networked Tags (EnHANTs)
Columbia University
Small, flexible, and energetically self-reliant devices

Langdon C. Crawford and Tae Hong Park, Faculty, Music Technology Program, NYU Steinhardt
Phone music synthesizer

Smart, effortless bike navigation

Interactive word cloud that make reading text a more visual experience

KISI: Access Buildings Using Your Mobile Device
KISI, Inc.
Mobile access solutions for large buildings and offices

Lantern: Stop Networking In The Dark
Hardware accessory and smartphone application bringing clarity to in-person networking

Interface Foundry
Personalized data bubbles

Lumiode Microdisplays
Lumiode, Inc.
Next generation microdisplays for augmented reality based on a new LED technology

Peiqi Su & Yu-Ting Feng, Students, NYU ITP
Interactive digital frame connecting parents and children

Placed: Directly Measuring Real World Behaviors of Consumers
Placed, Inc.
Directly measuring real world behaviors of consumers

Playnote Collaborate!
Noa Dolberg, Experience Designer
Elizabeth Clare, User Experience Designer
Apon Palanuwech, Creative Technologist
Connecting audiences through creating a single melody

Ringblingz: Goodbye #FOMO
Ringblingz Inc
Line of smart jewelry that notify you when someone important is getting in touch

Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications (CATT)
A new approach to streaming video on mobile devices

Textpride Inc
Turn key solution bringing mobile users and brands closer together

Toplist App: You shop, Your Friends Recommend
Mobile shopping recommendation engine

Crowd connection wearable programmed by a social mobile app

Virtual Menu
Dana Reginiano & Maximo Sica, Students, NYU ITP
What you see is what you get. A Restaurant menu as it should always have been displayed.

Napangsiri Wanpen, Student, Parsons MFA Design and Technology
Interactive mobile app that visualizes the current location’s wind speed

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