Intelligence of the mind and not the heart

I’m puzzled by the fact that humans are pursuing education to enrich the mind exclusively, while rejecting the body’s biggest and hardest working organ, the heart. My assumption is that someone should be too smart to be mean, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes in our pursuit for knowledge we reject common sense such as treating those as we want to be treated. Gaining respect for ourselves starts with respecting others. A blind man can see what’s beyond him and so can a person that is deaf, they hear things we don’t. Such as a blind man not judging a person by beauty. And a deaf person paying attention to what they see and applying their own internal sound from the heart. We shouldn’t be distant with our peers as we advance, after all what is the the point of knowledge if it isn’t shared for enlightenment? I think the key takeaway to the quest of knowledge is patience in that it took us some time to gain this gift. Hence it should also take some time to bequest it on others.

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