Beating Around The Bush

The title is inspired by my last activity. The only reason it’s relevant is it falls under things I’m avoiding. Its easier to write something humorous than proceed with a narrative that one would consider depressing. In my writing I talked about coming across someone flying a sign down the entrance toward the subway…technically it was next to him. What caught me off guard was it read “Come die with me”. Making my way back home from yoga tonight that particular theme continued.

The train was making its way towards Jamaica Center, last stop on the E train. Before the train pulled into the station I pull up the WiFi screen on my smartphone. TransitWireless is the signal I look for inside subway station. Before that appeared on my phone I see a WiFi hotspot titled “Lucifer Morningstar”. For those who don’t know I spend a lot of my time on YouTube. From time to time I binge on conspiracy theory videos. A handful of them deal directly with components of Satan worship. Without going on a search engine I know that there’s a light component. The concept of morningstar doesn’t stray too far from those who believe that Lucifer is the one true God. The best way to grasp this concept is to study how its connected to the high levels of freemasonry. Its not uncommon to see people making the connection to the jesuits. In fact the controversy goes as high as the pope himself.

There’s a handful of writings where I attempt to break down conspiracies. If this was one of them I’d be doing some research. There was something I planned on writing, but tieing it in with “Lucifer Morningstar” would be a little too much. Its best that its contents coincide with what’s in the DSM-V. For now I’ll return to the concept of beating around the bush. My goal is to find as many writing prompt before resuming to comment on what I heard on the podcast below.

One way I can beat around the bush is to dive into some questions and comments left on my Facebook and twitter.

MajesticHiphop ‏@MajesticHiphop Jan 11

Hold on to your Gold

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That reminds me when I got robbed after school off Jamaica avenue

@nycrollas word lol I don’t remember that story ? Elaborate

I’m guessing that I may have been 16. That’s the minimum age of employment in most retail outlets. It all started when I requested a job application at foot locker. For whatever reason I never filled out the application. The person I started talking to was questioning why I had a change of heart. He was there to request an application as well. When he followed me out the store I thought he was making conversation. His motive began to unveil when he kept asking me questions about my chain.

My mom gave me a thin gold chain as a gift. With that said I’m sure she would’ve understood what happened. After asking questions about the karat he wanted to feel the chain in his hand. This is the point where I catch on to why he may have had an interest in information like my address. He probably would’ve used it as leverage.

The boiling point came across the street from my bus stop (Archer Ave. and Merrick Blvd.). It was here that he threaten me with physical violence. I remember him saying something like “If I have to tell you one more time to take that chain off your neck I’m gonna lay you the fuck out!”. Before this I’ve heard stories of people getting killed over an leather Avirex jacket. Even if there wasn’t a weapon on him, it didn’t make sense to fight for my chain. I took the high road by taking my chain off and handed it too him. While “checking out the chain” he proceeded to turn the corner at a fast pace.

Back then I still listened to mostly hip-hop music. After getting on the Q5 bus I thought about all the references made to robbing. Speaking in a general sense, there’s some things you may find cool or amusing. When you fall victim that quickly changes. I vividly remember being shook up about the experience. It wasn’t like we were even close in age. In New Orleans I faced a situation where someone punked me out. From the way he reached his hand behind his back, I knew the stakes were raised. Its one thing to part ways with a precious gift. With the same levelheaded mind I probably avoided becoming another static in a city with a high murder rate. After that ordeal I’ll probably never live in an enviorment where the sound of gun shots become second nature

Eminem may have chronicled life in 8 Mile. In some way, shape, or form I hope to chronicle it in the 8th Ward of New Orleans. Speaking of stories, my aim was to share another one. However it deals with another topic I’ve avoided for quite some time (college campus). What little I did share led to some replies to my facebook note. The details on that will be revealed next time.

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