I Missed The Bus

I had the date October 17th locked into my head. It turns out that this is my return date, not the day I’m leaving. Eventually I check the e-mail again. It shows that I depart on the 16th. The date on the lower right side of the screen is the 16th. Technically the date was hidden. After some issues with watching a full screen video, I changed the settings so the toolbar only appears when the mouse is lowered.

The bus left at 9:40 AM. By the time I’m aware of what’s going on, the bus is letting passengers off in Boston. The first word in my head is “FUCK!”. Mixing up numbers in my head is nothing new. There’s times where other people were involved in some level. I don’t even want to say these are stories for another day. Recalling depressing stories make sense if your head is already in a state of depression. One reason for riding this is to cut my losses. More on that later.

It’s bad enough that I’m prone to make these mistakes without any outside influence. When marijuana comes into the picture, it seems like its only a matter of time before a fuck up to some extent happens. One example of this is leaving two laptops in a TSA bin. There were turned in to lost and found, but stories like that don’t always have a happy ending. After getting off a bus I soon discovered that my backpack wasn’t on my back. There was some comfort in playing less money to replace what was lost, but the original value of everything new was roughly $300.

It would be easy to beat up on myself, but its not worth fighting sleep over. The real questions lies in the changes that need to take place. Without change this scenario is just going to repeat itself. Before moving on I’ll mention two things. What contributed to the conclusion was not paying while making the reservation. My return date was initially the 18th. It needed to be the 17th so I took a loss with paying another reservation fee. Now the whole trip is down the drain. There’s was a Chinatown bus for $14. That would’ve let me use my megabus return trip. Ultimately that $14 can go towards planning another trip.

The competition that went down in Brownsville was epic. In fact I need to write about it while my memory is still fresh. I met this dude there named Matt. He was telling me about a back to back rollerblading event. It would’ve been a stretch to make two trips to Boston before the holiday season. One quote I remember from a Mindgame video is “Whenever you fall down, pick something up. Rolling solo through Boston was cool. This trip would’ve basically been the same agenda. It’s kinda rare for me shred with other bladers. My crew disbanded over a decade ago. In fact it was weird to see how the NYC skate scene has changed over the years. Like a faculty member in my college said “These kids aren’t getting younger, you’re getting older.” His next question for me was if I’ve seen the big house yet. That narrative falls into a story for another day. #PoorChoiceCollege

After the winners were announced at the comp, I heard this dude talk about another event, but it was mostly inaudible. Eventually Matt filled me in on the details. At this point its all about making it happen. I almost want to take a leap of faith and book the bus ticket. It worked out in Philly for a Genre team video premier. Looking at megabus ticket prices I’ll probably go with the Chinatown bus again. Their prices don’t fluctuate as much and the tickets are more flexible. I learned about megabus’s rigid non-refundable policy in Brussels. The good news is I eventually got to see Barcelona on another trip.

Later there was a trip to Tokyo. Most people assume you return to the same airport you arrive. When securing a cheap fare on JustFly.com it’ll give you a lot of options. Leaving Narita airport I went off track while navigating the metro system. Google maps’ poor transit directions were to blame. It felt good to return without getting lost. Unfortunately the airport I needed to be at was Haneda. There wasn’t even time to hail a cab there. Ultimately my mom assisted with contacting a call center and getting me out that hole. Not having to cough up a fee was icing on the cake.

This trip piggybacked off the success of my last trip to Beantown. Honestly there was more than one benefit from currently not being in Boston. In the midnight hour I skated to keep warm. That wouldn’t work so well when the low is 41 degrees. In fact its not worth taking the cheapest ticket option when you’re exposed to the elements with your thumb up your ass.

In summary, despite this clusterfuck I created I’m still interested in making the trip. With the two events, it certainly has the potential to exceed any solo trip I had planned. My biggest fear is reliving what happened in Chicago back in 2010. After making a post on a couchsuring board and linking my blog, they decided to deal with me by spreading a rumor that I was a drug dealer. My roots in rollerblading grow further than they ever did in Couchsurfing. On second thought I’m leaning towards booking those reservations on faith. As long as there’s no Saruman figure casting spells on my unexpected journey, the universe has a way of making things happen if they’re meant to be.

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