In Other News #159/2

Swindlers’ Party, Journalists

20. Podesta asks Abedin, he says, would be nice to have an article in New York Times on elderly people who support Clinton. Abedin agrees, great idea, we’ll do it.

21. John Harwood, an objective CNBC and NYT reporter, had a regular email correspondence with Podesta. Say, assured, that if Hillary gives him an interview, it will be the way that she wants.

22. He could add, that even if he, carelessly, asks an inconvenient question, and she, carelessly, gives an obviously inconvenient answer, then CNBC can always just cut out this unimportant part of interview, couldn’t he?

23. That same Harwood was warning Hillary campaign that Ben Carson is posing a threat, and was lavishing praise and support by all means.

24. And that was he again, being an unbiased debates moderator, who told Trump that he had as much chances implementing his tax plan as he would have flying away from that podium by flapping his wings”. After some time Harwood was proudly mentioning this to Podesta.

25. Donna Brazile, during her job as CNN commentator (yeap, you got it right, it is considered normal practice — working at DNC or as Democrat President advisor, then at the unbiased news service), sent an email to Hillary campaign titled “From time to time I get the questions in advance”, where she informed about the question she was worried about, that will be asked at CNN “townhall” interview. Question was asked.

26. By the way, responding to these news, Donna made an official statement, that she “never had access to questions” and that she was sharing her ideas, but not questions, which are big big secret! But the most important thing, Donna pointed out, is the intelligence report on the threat from abroad which is stealing our emails. It is Puting, and his quinta columna — Trump! We should unite, and all as one reject, and resist!

27. In the same vein, a story about CNN choosing “undecided” voters, “ordinary people” for “townhall” debates.

28. Another story, albeit showing its age, on Clinton receiving question beforehand for the “Meet The Press” interview. Which, by the way, demonstrates what they all think about her competence.

29. Juliet Eilperin, reporter with Washington Post, notified John Podesta, who was a senior advisor to Obama at that time, that she is preparing an article mentioning him, but she will not publish information on his financial ties with lobbyists and party donors, and asked him to review the text and tell if any correction is needed.

30. Email exchange among campaing heads, Huma, Podesta, Mills are discussing memo from Nick Merill, which advises on how to provide stories for reporting to the friendly journalists, mentioning Maggie Haberman from Politico, who received party’s tasks previously and never disappointed. Maggie now works in New York Times.

31. Prior to launching her campaign Hillary held a small “off the record” party with cocktails and snacks for select journalists. Agenda includes the proper way to describe her candidacy and elections as a whole.

32. Last debates should have been held in “townhall” style, i.e. questions asked by “random” public. NY Post reports, this didn’t happen. Moderators were so eager to attack Trump on the leaked discussion of whom and how he groped, that public had to wait for their turn.

33. Worse than that, Martha Raddatz won hands down over Crowly, who went arguing with Romney in 2012. Raddatz was not only arguing with Trump, but did attack him. Interrupting, objecting, and, at some occasion, when Trump stated that Obama is making a silly decision announcing Mosul attack beforehand, but would be better to make a surprise attack and wipe out all ISIS leaders, Raddatz forced herself into conversation, explaining that Obama might have substantion reasons to do so!

34. NBC executives were aware for a long time that they had a recording with Trump boasting that women allow him to grope them, but they held the tape to themselves until late in elections, to have maximum effect on the race.

35. And, obviously, NBC didn’t think it was a big deal while they were earning money on Trump.

36. Boston Globe urges Podesta to hurry up with approving the article so that they could post it on Tuesday to have bigger media coverage.

37. Glenn Greenwald publishes his own gallery of tight friendship between Hillary and media.

38. To sum this up, everything that Republicans were accusing the press of appeared to be truth. Actually, the truth is even worse. The media isn’t just biased to Democrats and, sometimes, accidentally describes them in more favorable light. Nothing of that innocent kind. All the press, excluding a couple of newspapers, works as a propaganda machine for the Party, in a tight contact with the Dems politicians, and executes their direct orders.

Elections Ahead, Swindlers’ Party

39. Interesting data that I previously didn’t see — Pew Research in 2012 reported that 24 million of voter registrations, ie. one of every eight — are either “significantly inaccurate” or invalid. More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters. And approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.

40. Of course, not all of these registrations are used for cheating. But, remember, sometimes all you need is couple of hundred votes to switch the outcome. And it becomes quite obvious, that there are only three categories of people who can dismiss this data — first, those who are ignoring elections altogether, second, extremely naive people, who think, that if no one gets charges or arrested, then it means there is no actual problem, and, last, those who believe that cheating will be beneficial for them.

41. There is only one category of people, who will agressively reject even the most primitive ways to prevent cheating.

42. Brian Fallon, Hillary’s press secretary, agrees with Donna — first thing, when talking about Wikileaks, we should discuss that it is Moscow support to Trump.

43. It appears that in 2015 Hillary’s campaign decided that they were pretty successful at presenting Benghazi investigation as “witch hunting”, and they had a bright idea — what if they push through the lie, that the whole emails scandal is the same scandal as Benghazi?! They even tested this idea with the focus group.

44. I wonder, how do they select participants for such group? “We need volunteers to conduct an experiment to determine the limits of human gullibility”.

45. John Podesta tells Hillary, there are “needy Latinos”, whom she should call. Aside from latinos, Catholics and Southerners as a whole received their share of scornful comments.

46. Some friend of Podesta complains, see, previously we only had to make citizenry unaware and compiant, now they are unaware, but where is compliance?!

47. Podesta is amazed at David Brock requesting medical documents from Bernie Sanders. Doesn’t he understand, that this topic should be avoided? Maybe he is a Republican plant?

48. Hillary campaign lawyer was explaining to the staff, how exactly should they legally hint friendly political committee “Priorities USA”, which donors they can get a significant donation from. In February, during debates with Bernie Sanders, Hillary stated, that she is not related to this committee whatsoever.

49. Hillary gets briefed, that she should pretend it was a joke when she called all Republicans her enemies (together with NRA, medical insurance companies, pharmacological companies and iranians). And reminded to smile.

50. During the debates Hillary was asked why she was supporting laws to control banks in public, but agreed it is a bad idea during the private events with bankers. She explained, that she is not the only one to do something covertly. for example, Lincoln also, when planning abolishment…

51. So, if anyone is curious, why “Western Civilization” course in colleges is turning from obligatory to almost forbidden, that’s why, for such occasions. But, it appears Trump received his education prior to these changes and remembered, that Lincoln had a nickname “Honest Abe”.

52. By the way, Huffington Post, objectively reporting these scene, inevitably notice that Lincoln, of course, would have supported Hillary. Those readers, who skipped the history course, will easily believe that Lincold was always a supporter for the idea, that freedom is less important than a good, careful master, who will provide for medicien and pension.

53. Hillary won the debates, because Trump had won…

54. Hillary herself explained, that it is hard to debate Trump, because he “seems remarkably unacquainted with the truth”. That’s a novel approach indeed — see, it’s hard for me to convince observers, that I am more acquainted with the facts, than the opponent.

55. Bill Clinton called Trump supporters “standard rednecks”.

Elections Ahead

56. January 2008, Podesta, Begala and others are discussing a list of “negative facts” about Obama. Number 7: his father is muslim, and Obama grew up among muslims, in the most densely populated muslim country.

57. So, Dems, congratulations, here are the evidences of what we alway knew — “Obama muslim” line was thrown in by Hillary’s people.

58. Pol Begala hurried up with a statement, that they were compiling the list of possible Republican lies, to protect Obama, not to attack him!

59. Only remember this, Begala is one of the most committed fighters of Clinton army, who worked for her for almost all his conscious life, and switched to Obama only after her capitulation in summer 2008. Remember also that “muslim father” was being discussed at the very beginning of January 2008, when Clinton’s victory stopped being considered obvious, and it became absolutely all of a sudden apparent, that Obama can realy win over her. And Begala wants us to believe that at the same moment Hillary’s closest political allies were planning how to protect Obama, if he, suddenly, wins over their boss.

60. Hillary disappeared from public presence again. No appearances in public, she needs couple of days to rest before debates.

61. Trump suggested to conduct drug test prior to debates. They will refuse, of course, but it could be interesting. I would have made this a tradition — test before each debate. Participation is allowed regardless of the results, but results are published.

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