Our amazing LFA chose the name diehards, the criteria followed can be a surprise to all of you guess what??? All the members were stokers !! am joking most of them supported arsenal one of the most frustrating times on earth, You know our amazing LFA comes out to say “we are now diehards” Silence rose because we had a manchester united supporter.but as the saying goes “majority not minority” we all ended up in the emirates.

First, I would like to talk about our LFA he is,


Well I have not met any lfa like him he answers questions fast, he’s always there in those moments you need him, he so proactive, he deserves the credit he also guides you on what to do. he is an extrovert though, but I like him for that.he’s open-minded he's always willing to answer.


This guy is always on point, he so committed to what he does, he reaches out when he doesn't know .he’s so kind and never hesitates to help when you need him but above all he’s so “PASSIONATE” when he’s doing stuff.he’s a cool guy.


He’s a quiet person amazing and above all, he knows what he does he likes teaching and encouraging some of our group members.

he’s a passionate programmer.

wooow I think I need to talk about one who is,


shes’s an interactive person, she’s so active and a good team player, she's an extrovert she’s so helpful.

Thumbs up diehards.