5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Graduating from Uni

I wasn’t so sure of the exact kind of life I wanted or expected after graduation. I just knew it was going to be different from the one I was having at the time. It turned out I wasn’t prepared to face it, and more especially with my country’s situation at the moment. So much of unemployed graduates with little or no opportunities. If I will be all I had always dreamed of becoming, then I would have to create my future and be the architect of the tomorrow I want to live in. Just like a friend of mine will always tell me;

“invest more in your tomorrow, for that’s where you will spend the rest of your life.”

Graduating from University is something that excites every student. To crown the excitement, we believed that there was more rest after school only to realize that was even more work. No matter how much academic life stresses you, the issue of life will even stress you more. However, most undergraduates do not yet understand that there is more to life than Certificate.

Here are 5 things I wished I had known as an undergraduate.

1) Building long-lasting Relationships is Key.

I was made to believe that the most important thing to do at the moment was to focus on my books only, to achieve good grades. While this in itself isn’t wrong or bad, I discovered that most times it is achieved to the detriment of our meaningful relationships with others. We were told that making friends will bring about distractions which isn’t a lie but a half-truth. After school, it dawned on me that truly, no man can make it as an island and most people I thought will distract me from good grades were more prepared for life than we who focused all our energies on good grades, which does little or nothing in preparing you for real-life challenges, especially life after school. But real and true relationships and associations stand the test of time and can give one an edge or support system.

2) Broadening the scope of acquiring Knowledge.

Most of the time, people end up not applying what they studied in school after school in real-life experiences, more especially if it’s not a professional Course. Knowledge is key, and so it’s important to extend its acquisition beyond our course or discipline. I realized it was highly important for one to be versatile and not just streamlined, because life can present to you opportunities you might not be prepared for. So while reading up for good grades, extend the scope of your knowledge acquisition.

3) Education builds your Creative abilities

Education makes you a creator and not just a consumer. I use to think that once am done with school, I will head out for the labor market, get a job in a firm or an organization and get well paid. Oops, that wasn’t the reality. Though it might be for some, many others, this pattern is obsolete. Education prepares you by building your creative capability, making you a solution giver to the pressing needs and challenges of today’s world. I had to think of pressing problems and possible solutions I can offer, because what makes one relevant is not just knowledge or degree but his or her problem-solving ability.

4) There is more to life than just a degree (Certificate)

Building and increasing your worth and value can happen while still an undergraduate, by acquiring relevant skills and experiences. I wish I had spent my vacations doing more voluntary work than just staying at home idle. I had no idea that volunteering is another name given to skill development as it helps one build experience. After school, we are more concerned about being financially stable, so one of the best times to build up and acquire skills is while still an undergraduate. Moreover, skilled graduates are much sought after than graduates with no work experience or skill.

5) Being smarter than Intelligent pays more.

Often, we love getting complimented as intelligent students but being smart pays off more than being intelligent. Intelligent people are so good at acquiring knowledge whereas smart people don’t just acquire knowledge but are practical with it.

So for every undergraduate, do not miss out on the opportunity to become a better you and more valuable before graduating. Make it a priority.




I love creative writing

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Goodness Nyeche

Goodness Nyeche

I love creative writing

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