This section of your package.json file is your npm scripts:
Jake Wiesler

Very cool Jake, thanks! So I guess it’s kind of like how React allows you to import all your npm modules just by calling their name because npm only allows one name for each except package.json has the whole big picture of where the modules you want to use for your scripts are (hopefully I explained that correctly) so you also don’t need .js or the path? Neat.

Yep, so I’m new to the whole config scripts stuff but I have worked on node and react projects before so I understand the dependencies and loading up new ones for projects. I got Slick carousel / Less / and other things on top of this boilerplate working for this current project.

So I know I’m kind of learning this a little backwards, I’ve actually been part of a React team for a few months but I’ve been doing a lot of the components and front end design which is why I haven’t done too much config.json, Webpack, and Backend which is what I’m trying to beef up my knowledge on.

I came about this article because I was looking for a good way to show off my current exercise in React on the web. Both Surge and Github though as far as this original article goes require me to have `node run build` in order to get to the next step though.

I know I can create a build shortcut as a next step, but what do i put there? How do I go about creating the node run build to get to the next step of Surge? I’m excited because it sounds even easier than using github ghpages for my regular repos.

Would you be able to tell me how to get to this next step? I know I have a lot more to learn, hoping to get there though!


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