No problem!
Jake Wiesler

Yep, it is, thanks! All this time, I thought there was a way to fairly easily write the npm run build in order to get that build directory that I seem to be missing and that needs to be pushed up to surge.

Since this is not a new project, I was worried that if I run npm install -g create-react-app , I’ll totally bomb my project. I’m probably going to try anyway because i can always re-clone my repo. But, there was also some confusion because I was reading a few articles about creating a run.js so I could push my project to Amazon S3 but that wasn’t working out either.

So yep, my project looks structurally like yours but I don’t have a build folder. So there’s my disconnect — trying to get that so I can have something to push up. And, I don’t have a build script.

npm ERR! missing script: build — when i run npm run build.

I hope I can get this up and running :), exciting but I don’t think there’s enough documentation up there yet on what to do.

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