Who Says You Should Go Home?
Don Becker

Just to clear up some things Ratner sold his full stake in Barclay’s and Nets to Prokhorov + 85 percent of Coliseum agreement.

He could flip it to Dolan (including Barclay’s agreements) who lost 2013 Coliseum bid thanks to Mangano’s committee (Dolan wanted tax exemption on Coliseum/plaza, and all real estate rights, Ratner did not) any time he wants to sell.

If you think the Gov of Ct did not talk to Dolan who’s AHL team has been at XL since Whalers left and is on a year to year lease (and may go to Coliseum even under Prokhorov) because Sound Tigers have lease through 2021 and operate WBA you are kidding yourself.

The Islanders Barclay’s fate will be decided by 1/30/18 if an opt out comes, Quebec is waiting and the NHL will do it if Malkin (the money) and Ledecky (an honest man) decide they have to sell.

Also Mangano got Ratner and Dolan to commit to 260 million on the Coliseum (130m) +130m for plaza. But Ratner landed Sloan Kettering added 140m in private money, it added state finances parking garages, so Mangano is a hero because he got all this without taxpayer money + more medical buildings will drive money in private investment to around 500 million at that site.

Islaners, Sound Tigers, sports? Who cares. 500 million, think he cares about AHL vs that?

Mangano won huge but now we see how hard Dolan slams Mangano with his media arm and the same people who defeated the referendum in 2011 so he could bid himself in 2013.

Same smear Oakley got in only one paper………….Dolan’s complete with Jim Baumbach (no Arbour 1500) court documents, social security, invite Sprewell back, all propaganda.

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