Who Says You Should Go Home?
Don Becker

This is a NYC team with the majority of season tickets even in 2011 (before vote per Wang on WFAN) coming from inside city limits at 40 percent. This ownership bought a NYC team, they will play in NYC or leave NY entirely, same as Wang said in 2012.

Since 1989 this franchise could not sellout one complete season in that building unless opening night or a playoff game. Nassau knew the fan support was a joke and would not spend money to help team because the team is not a public trust.

This franchise should have been moved to Quebec the day after they invaded the place.

Dolan lost the Coliseum bid and will use his Newsday, News12LI and Msg to hide this team to get the team out of NY entirely and his AHL team in the Coliseum plus get them to Quebec to void the television deal.

The plan is stay at Barclay’s build a NYC brand that’s always been loud at that dump in Manhattan, and who care’S about LI, that’s been branding forced on them by Ranger media since 1972 and it’s always been a lie.

It worked in DC, but that was without Dolan and his media even hiding streaming on teams website and it took a decade.

14,200 avg at Barclay’s last year after 12/2/15

Weekends fine this year too.

Welcome home, Barclay’s Center, NYC.

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