Hardware Development and Robotics in Yangon

We have got tens of thousands of engineers, especially in electronics, mechanical and computer science, rolling out of technological universities in Yangon yearly.

Young Generation

But it is surprisingly true that local ordinary communities of Yangon, especially children, teenagers and their parents, are still at a far distant from hardware development and robotics. It is just that they are not aware such hardware developers and robotic communities are living among them.

Fashion trends, singing contests, movie stars and celebrities are the only things which they are shown daily through almost every media outlets. But yes we exist and we are doing our best to promote the awareness of local communities and to provide inspiration to young generations in hardware development. Exposure is needed yet.

Mario Alarm

On April 1st, which is world wide Arduino Day, we celebrated the day as well in Yangon. The event took place at Kanaung Hub, MICT Park and everyone is invited to our celebration. It’s a hang out of local makers and we have encouraged them to exhibit their hardware projects. A very short course and contest to make something within an hour was provided as well.

Virtual Reality

It is really hard to keep attention of ordinary people who are not familiar with tech and hardware development on a wide scale without collaboration of several professions. However, we are seeing good potentials in coming years where hardware development is not just a thing they see on TVs but which they have in their houses. Kids!!!

My Inspiration in Robotics

And this is a little girl talking about her interest in robotics and her opinion on the event. (I’m sorry that I haven’t prepared a subtitled version with translation.) Please let me just stop here and I will write more about Yangon’s hardware community in the future.