Boot camp challenges and how I have adapted to them in the last few weeks

Nyiringondo Ramadhan
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Hello! I am NYIRINGONDO Ramadhan, I am 22 years. I applied in Andela in the last three months; in those three months, I passed through different challenge and I am still working on the challenges. I this blog post, will be sharing with you some of the challenges I have encountered in Andela Bootcamp. One of my favorite quotes about the challenge is, “you are your only limit”, and this helps me to believe that I am able to do whatever comes in my way.

Bootcamp was something I looked forward to greatly ever since I got my letter of invitation to attend. I was delighted to get the chance and opportunity, knowing that this would change my life in a better way. This was not only for the skills I would get to learn but also the fact that if I did everything as required and even exceeded expectations, then I would be sure to advance and get a position as a junior dev. Thus, I had to prepare.
In preparation for Bootcamp, we got to receive challenges that we were supposed to work on and expected to deliver over a certain period. This in itself, was a test to show how we could manage time and execute on the delivery of our projects. Not wanting to be one to disappoint, I did my study and worked on my assignments of the Bootcamp ADC challenges and was able to make good progress. Eventually, Bootcamp came and the first week was quite intense yet so involving.

From the first week, I was able to learn the various aspects of working in a team and seeking feedback, which was quite professional and motivating. I got to put in my work and succeeded to deliver as required. I was able to adapt and build on my weaknesses so that I could improve myself. What I have come to learn so far is that Bootcamp is all about self-actualization and growth in learning. Being able to learn over a short period of time and progressively improve one’s skills, is key to keep growing in intelligence, knowledge, and skills, which are all necessary for a person’s life.

Lessons I have picked so far from Bootcamp apart from technical skills, I have also gotten to see and improve on my people skills and other soft skills like giving feedback or basically communicating over a work that I was needed to give feedback on. These might seem like nothing, but at the end of the day, the amount to a lot of functionality for a company.

The aspect of adaptation is one that ensures survival and continued existence, and such is Bootcamp. With the intense workflow and expected delivery outputs, one is sure to realize the urgency and need for professionalism, such that everything continues flowing as expected. Without adaptability, existence or survival is bleak.

Nyiringondo Ramadhan

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lifelong learner

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