Changing your DNS on Android

Light at the end of the tunnel

Option 1: Android Private DNS (DNS over TLS)

  • (CloudFlare, unfiltered)
  • (Quad9, blocks malicious domains)
  • (CleanBrowsing, blocks adult content)

Option 2: Apps

  • CloudFlare App for This App creates a DNS-only VPN and forces all DNS requests to go thorough CloudFlare's network. It is fast, clean and easy to use. Use it if you want a fast DNS for your mobile. You can download it here.
  • CleanBrowsing App. This App also creates aDNS-only VPN and forces the CleanBrowsing DNS (that blocks adult content). Also very easy to use and you can choose between their filtering levels. You can download it here.




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Nykolas Z

Nykolas Z

Always Learning.

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