Shy in Sweden ?

I have heard many times that my communication style doesn’t align with current principals and “some old rules” in Sweden. Have I listened ? Yes I have — but have I changed ? — no. Some people even said that I will fit better in US because of my clear communication and how I set ambitious goals and work towards these.

Are you a shy startup in Sweden ?

Niklas Zennström @niklaszennstrom was just interviewed in Internetworld here, his comment referring to Swedish startups, “We are still somewhat shy” is a very accurate notice. Following the article Niklas also says that startups in Sweden look too much on their home market forgetting the “big vision” and possibilities to grow. Again very true and I can just say after meeting entrepreneurs in Sweden for the last 10 years is that their visions are typically restricted by “how businesses has been done in the past”. Don’t trust this for the how to deal with the future.

So why not take the opportunity to express your visions and needs, in the new way, without having to think about “the old”. I am today starting myself to use the hashtag #noshystartup. Use to tell others your goals, ambitions and the needs you may have. Use it as you want, but remember not to be shy !

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