Unsexy ? Or just the next Zendesk ?

The Zendesk story amazes me for many reasons. First it’s an amazing tool for your business to deal with support comes packed as a SaaS. But how they moved from nothing in 2007 to IPO is a story to read (a do encourage you to read it).

So why am I bringing up Zendesk as a comparison in this article? The answer is that many people now days knows about Zendesk but as soon as I start to talk about a word that involves fleet (not including customers) it’s difficult to get someone to follow so I wanted to write some metrics and get people to understand the value and how large this industry is. Automile is just about this.

Christoph Janz, one of the key investors in Automile with his Point Nine Capital team understands this in light of all startup noise. And nevertheless he was the first that put 500k into Zendesk. Compared to all people I have worked with I haven’t talked to Christoph more than anyone else but I can 100% say that he is the guy I will always ask first for money no mater what.

What’s in it for the customer ?

Let’s say you have a fleet of a couple of hundreds or thousands of vehicles you start to have people that works with this fleet on a daily basis. Even small fleets from 2–3 vehicles have pains such as regulatory logging etc (not brought up here though). You need to solve pains such as maintenance planning (with standstills), repairs, damages and claims. I think all follow here, you save time, money and can do everything from a SaaS tool.

Get notified of low battery, check engine light etc. is easy to understand the value of

Secondly let’s say you have vehicles in your businesses delivering groceries, now you want to efficiently make sure the drivers takes the right route and that all vehicles are used efficiently.

Here is an example utilization report from Automile that shows during one week how many vehicles are parked / used a different times during the day. Green represents many vehicles parked (under utilized) and red presents no vehicles present (over utilized). You can even measure how many minutes you have zero vehicles available or to many vehicles available.

This saves you a tremendous amount of manual work to determine if you have to many vehicles or to few vehicles located at different places and how the heck can you plan your fleet without this ?. Just think about the saving you can do in utilizing the fleet correctly.

Utilization planning helps saving money quickly and increase quality of your service

How about safety and reducing damages and claims ? This is a second example from a speeding report that customers that wishes to use this as a way to ensuring driver safety in countries were allowed. This can save lives and many pains for businesses and make sure the staff stays more secure and safe.

For companies provided added safety and wanting to reduce damages and claims

Now you start to get the point and I could go on and describe ten different more examples and how could you even do this manually ? There isn’t a sustainable way to do it manually and a fleet management tool is solving all these pains. When we demonstrate this to customers with fleets they buy it directly, they understand what it solves and why they need a tool.

Zendesk vs. fleet actor

These numbers comes from comparing a large fleet management company, Fleetmatics, with Zendesk to give you an idea here. Both companies are listed on Nasdaq.

Revenue (2014)

Fleetmatics $231.6m vs Zendesk $127.0m


Fleetmatics 29 000 (with 625 000 subscriptions) vs Zendesk 51 721 (stated nearly 100,000 active accounts)

Market cap (Aug 2014)

Fleetmatics 1.81B vs Zendesk 1.94B


Fleetmatics 2004 vs Zendesk 2007

So what happend today, August 18, at Automile ?

Automile started in 2013 and launched it’s first fleet management SaaS product in August 2014 is about to get 1 year old !. At the same time with more than over 1000 businesses as our customers and thousands of subscriptions we are today revealing our 2nd generation fleet management apps starting with a complete new application for fleet operations and drivers. The new applications have been re-built from the ground up based on all feedback received. It’s faster than ever, has a beautiful user interface and totally changes how businesses easily can test the product, learn how to save time and money and getting 100% satisfied.

Thanks to all my team members at Automile, let’s think bigger, repeat and grow. It’s simple, but hard.

And as David, our front-end talent, cited a couple of days ago:

I have never met someone that works as hard as you and so dedicated.

I never responded at that time but the answer is simple, I am here to become the best with the team, not the second-best. We will win when all team members understands this.

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