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Sep 27, 2019 · 3 min read

A Wedding is one of the biggest celebrations in one’s life.

And, an Indian Wedding, is nothing short of a festival. No wedding is complete without the laughter of near and dear ones, the blessings of elders, the mouth-watering delicacies and the rejoicing through Music and Dance.

Musical Dreams is a 15 -year young company. It is one of the top leading Artiste Management Companies, and, we completely understand the importance of this special and works toward making it a truly memorable one. We know that music is one thing that creates the mood of the entire occasion. Thus, Musical Dreams just does not suggest artistes as per their name and fame but believes in suggesting artistes as per the family, the occasion and the taste of the people getting married, their guests and their needs.

Apart from working with individual artists, Musical Dreams has been instrumental in getting the idea of conceptualized shows in India.

This year, we have worked extensively on creating some of the BEST BAND concepts for the wedding season.

The Sufi Rock band

Musicaldreams “Sufi Rock Band”
Musicaldreams “Sufi Rock Band”

has done more than 350 successful shows pan India. True to its name, it is a perfect musical blend of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern.

It is highly recommended for people of all age groups and adds a touch of grandness and sophistication to the occasion.

Bijli Orchestra

“Musicaldreams” Bijli Orchestra
“Musicaldreams” Bijli Orchestra

is a high voltage experience. It brings back the desi fun in us. The song selection is unique and electrifying. The flavor is unique.

The Whiskey Boys

Musicaldreams “the whiskey boys”
Musicaldreams “the whiskey boys”

is a Band where Music and fun go hand in hand. The charm of the 90’s Bollywood songs but pure entertainment for all age groups.

Roohani Live Band

Musicaldreams “Roohani band”
Musicaldreams “Roohani band”

Roohani live band, Music makes the world go round. Music changes everything. Music turns occasions into celebrations. Music connects you to your soul.One choice is to have an intriguing mixture of party numbers and melodies day.You may have a band, which favored and are connected for the music because he plays music for the wedding, switching with a disk jockey.

Our band creates that kind of music. Roohani band is known for its beautiful and soulful music. The sincerity, the childlike innocence and vivaciousness transforms you to another world.evaluate the live band before giving them a Yes to perform dance music at the wedding reception.

Roohani is like a breath of fresh air for all music lovers.

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