This is a little story I wrote about black holes.

The feeling of no gravity can change a person. The sight of stars closer than Earth’s surface can entangle somebody in this dream like place. Making them want to stay forever. And that is exactly what every astronaut has felt. Amelia had always found earth to crowded. Every time you turn around there’s another human being. One you don’t know, and never will. She thought that being here in space was better than climbing any mountain or sailing any sea. Floating through stars instead of floating through an ocean. Instead of looking at a sunset you can see the milky way. Space was so beautiful.

She thought earth was too small and space was so vast. It had so much space that yet to have humans explore it. There was four of them up there. They had all trained together since the very beginning, each growing up with a dream of space travel. As a young girl Amelia would look up into the stars and form constellations with her eyes. She would always mope in the day from staying up so late, looking at the star. They wouldn’t of dreamt that in this exact moment this is where they would be. Or how their training never prepared them for this, or how their dreams had failed them.

They were looking wide eyed through the window. Watching as the ship gravitates towards a mysterious black hole.

Amelia did not panic. She was never the person to get excited. Behind her Jack was screaming through the transmitter for help, his eyes wide with fear. The signal cut, they were too far away from Earth, they were too far away from home. Amelia had always been curious about those vast, dark things called black holes. It was the one thing she wondered about when she would think of space. The others always thought she was foolish to ask the instructors about black holes. They knew it was a one in a million chance they would come close to one, nonetheless float into one. But here they are, a couple hours away from it. Amelia had done research on black holes.

Although she never thought she would need any of the knowledge. Scary, she thought. She knew nothing could help them now. She looked out into the stars and thought of earth. She realized she never got married, or had children. Or went to Hawaii and wore grass skirts, she was always so focused on getting to space she forgot to live on Earth. How does leading one of the most boring lifes result in this horrible ending. She focused on everything bad in her life.

How when she was in highschool she would stay home every night studying. Or every time one of her few friends invited her to a party she always said no because she didn’t know how to talk to people. Never comfortable in social situations. Every night lately she would drink a couple glasses of wine before bed. She didn’t want to be alone with her thoughts. As she stared death in the face all she could think of was how she never lived. You never took any risks, why?

She repeated, Why? You never lived a life worth telling about, they couldn’t even make a crappy tv show about your boring life. And now with regret in her thoughts she turned to look over at her fellow riders on this rollercoaster to hell. The crew feared what was going to happen next. She could see in their eyes how they panicked they were. Each in different ways. Jack was shaking with anticipation. Patty froze in shock her eyes bloodshot from worry.

Mason had pushed Jack out of the way. He was banging the transmitter onto the table, screaming profanities left and right. His voice was hoarse and disappearing from the strain. Amelia contemplated. Thinking about how everything she left behind wasn’t good enough for her. Her life only remembered by a couple people. It’s hard to think that they ran out of electricity. Back on Earth it was everywhere. They got closer. Amelia sat mesmerized by how you could hardly see this thing.

But there it was sitting in front of you, waiting for you. They floated closer and closer and Amelia closed her eyes. Tuning out Jacks crying, Masons scream and Pattys whimpering. Tuning out her thoughts of panic and anticipation. She could feel the first effect of the abnormal gravity happening. She wondered what was next, so she tried to tune those thoughts out too. Amelia, trying to comfort herself, thought of her first memory. Watching as a record span in front of her.

So complex and wild. Her three year old little mind couldn’t grasp the idea of music coming from a piece of plastic. The music was blaring so loud, it played The Beatles, Across The Universe. Funny she thought, and she smiled as the chorus played in her head. Nothing’s gonna change my world, as they got closer. Nothing’s gonna change my world, and closer. Nothing’s gonna change my world. Images of broken light dance before me, like a million eyes that call me on and on, across the universe!

As Amelia hummed the song, she turned to look to the opposite side of the black hole. She saw the stars, and imagined that one of them could be earth, very far away.