The World As I see it

The world we live in is full of misinformed or misunderstood preconceived notions about words such as holistic, natural, and organic. People are often less concerned about what goes into their bodies and more concerned about Facebook. I am a mother to two fantastically free-spirited nature loving little girls, I cloth diaper, we try to eat healthy and organically MOST of the time (hey, I’m not perfect!). A lot of people have expressively referred to my husband I’s parenting style as “hippie”. And it’s become an ongoing joke to those around us. The reality is though, It wasn’t truly a topic that I was interested in until I became a parent. I had never actively researched, or sought direction about holistic medicine, natural eating, or any other above until I became a mother.

My biggest eye opener was in November, 2015. Shortly after my 2nd daughter was born, I had diagnoses of stage 1, type B cervical carcinoma. Luckily, They were able to get it all through a LEEP procedure, cutting out 60% of the surface area of my cervix. I had researched till my eyes hurt. The knowledge I’ve gained has changed my lifestyle choices and the way I look at the world. Major food corporations, and pharmaceutical companies in this country make their living off of the ignorance of the larger population. I’m not saying medicine is bad, that vaccinations are wrong, or that using disposable diapers will send you to hell. Everyone has a different situation, opinion, and reason for the choices they make for their families. I am saying I vowed to be more knowledgeable of my surroundings, what passes my children’s lips and what I fuel my body, and clean my home with.

I refuse to live in fear of what I do not know or understand, because that is no way to live.

The littles are waiting to play

peace out for now, Check in with you tomorrow