The Importance of Remembering the Holocaust

When you read word ‘holocaust’, What came into your mind? An absolutism believer who supports triumphalism of Aryan race and had obnoxious prejudice approach towards particular human race — ‘The holocaust of Jews’. Isn’t? The assimilation of those events are a scar on humanity which are still fresh in our mind, is vital sign. But there were many such events left unnoticed, from which we could have learn more about the circumstances of initiation such as Rwanda, Bosnia, India under Aurangzeb reign. The awareness of Jew genocide was extremely successful through print, films and digital medium whereas Indian cinema failed to depict anguish caused by Mughals, Turks perpetrator rulers rather glorified them as great rulers of noble virtues, like in Jodha-Akbar, Mughal-E-Azam, Anarkali.

Remember the holocaust to commemorate the lamented, give condolences to their families and divest opportunities what could have been achieved by them, if they were alive. The predecessor of suppressor able to acknowledge that sin had been done by their ancestors and work as much as they can in direction to improve the circumstances around their surroundings which might repeat that heinous crime. It provides sound information to us about the path that humanity had followed in the past from where we have learned that even a Democracy lead to social collapse and how we can contemplate and take it further in order to prevent those atrocities. As an individual, remembering holocaust assist you to escape from your self-absorbing nature as it acted catalyst for holocaust which silenced them. Recalling holocaust on Nation helps citizen to strengthen the national character, to avoid the loophole or weakness that were responsible for the predicament of their ancestors and develops wisdom, comprehensive and right attitude towards different caste, community and religion. Through education, it is indispensable to assimilate the facts of holocaust without refutation in order to learn from past mistakes of humanity in name of political, radical and social difference and dedicate our life for continuous improvement in our moral values.

credits : Ajay Sangwan