Growth happens when we strive to live up to the high standard set for us. My Andela experience has seen me grow at a rate I cannot believe so that I can meet the high requirements. Today has been another day filled with learning, teamwork.

Here’s what I have learned today and am going to share it with you so that it sticks in the head.

Mock Testing

Say, you have developed a function that uses some external API calls but wait before the function comes to life the test has to exist. So you decide to write tests to confirm that the function is being called while testing you realise that third party external APIs are not all reliable and do take some good amount of time to execute. This is starting to prove a challenge and tests fail because some external APIs are unavailable


Implement mock testing, you decide to fake it until you make it. You fake the external API calls and all your tests run smoothly


This is a cool python library that enables one to write command line tools.

Till next time, never stop learning

Alutta Continua

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