Episode 4-Did Jesus Call You by Name or Number? / The Production of Church

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Alex sits down with long-time buddy Austin Germain a Director of Production at a church in MI. Is production necessary? Is it beneficial? Is it sending the wrong message? How does the American church compare to the global church? These are some of the questions we try to cover in this show as Jason battles mono. We also introduce our new segment #asknypp where we answer questions you probably should have asked your pastor, but asked us instead. If you would like us to answer a question on the show or share your band’s music use the tag #asknypp!

Show Links:

Great book on contextualizing — Center Church by Tim Keller
Jordan’s music from #asknypp segment: Reconnect VIP by Wub5TRIKE
Austin’s Band — Steel Giant

Originally published at notyourpastorspodcast.com on September 1, 2016.