Job Responsibilities Of A Professional Chauffeur You Need To Know

“Success is a sort of metaphysical experience. I live exactly as I did before — only on a slightly bigger scale. Naturally, I won’t be corrupted. I’ll sit there in my Rolls, uncorrupted, and tell my chauffeur, uncorrupted, where to go.” — Tom Stoppard

Long gone is the time when the job profile of a chauffeur was limited to just drive the vehicle and open the limo doors for their clients.

But now the chauffeurs of Limo rental companies in NYC have become more tech savvy.

They now are required to be well versed about operating the technological apps and devices, keep track of their client’s air flights and check online weather and traffic reports that would be helpful with their passage of the destination.

Now, they don’t consult just navigation devices but are required to have qualifications to drive the A-list Hollywood celebrities.

Hiring a limo is not about traveling in high-class car models but also about the A class hired services as well. And that involves having an attentive chauffeur providing good customer service with impeccable driving skills and a certified license.

When people hire luxury vehicle on special occasions, they expect everything to go with perfection and chauffeurs play a big role towards that goal.

A professional chauffeur would drive at a moderate speed that makes his passengers comfortable yet at the same time reach the destination in an adequate time.

Adapting a pace according to the client’s wishes and their requirements at that time.

For example, if a client wishes to reach to their workplace for a meeting or board a plane shortly, then they would require their driver to take them as quickly as possible. And if they are on a sightseeing tour, then they would want to watch the beautiful surrounding area passing by at a slow pace.

Polite demeanor
No alcohol or drugs on duty
No overspeeding
No unnecessary breaks on duty for personal matters
Ensuring sufficient gas for the drive
No complaining about tips or commission
Clean and well-maintained vehicle

Nothing is worse than a chauffeur who arrives later than the pre-allotted time. Professional behavior of chauffeurs demands them to develop a good sense of time and distance judgement to reach their destination. And arriving to pick up their clients before time in case any unexpected issues such as traffic or bad weather come up.

Beyond opening the doors and carrying your luggage, the duties of chauffeurs extend to advising good spots of the city for entertainment purposes, if their client desires to know.

Therefore, being well versed with the city’s happening places and the events that can interest the pique of the clients, is a plus point.

The chauffeur should exhibit safe driving practice with the proper license. Some of the limo companies make their drivers go through bad weather driving training, safety class, laws and regulations of the state and defensive driving.

The vehicle should be well repaired and cleaned. And this comes under the responsibility of the chauffeur. It is their duty to make sure that the vehicle is inspected for safety including:

Having the exteriors and interiors checked
Monitoring the tire pressure frequently
Checking the Fuel levels
Having the automobile washed and cleaned

The chauffeur needs to be aware of the restaurants, hotels, resting places and other main spots falling on the route. The chauffeurs can sometime be requested to make reservations to restaurants and book flights or tickets to some events.

They drive the passengers safely even in the most adverse conditions, knowing alternative paths to the destination without asking their clientèle.

Great grooming practices with clean professional uniform and servile demeanor are traits of a well accomplished and professional chauffeur.

Also, the chauffeur of limo rental companies in NYC must be responsible for the keeping the travel logs with the location, on-duty time, mileage of the vehicle and the service entries and receipts.

All in all, being a chauffeur is not just driving the clients to and fro their destinations. It is about providing the best in class travel experience that a royalty can have and make sure it happens is what being a really good chauffeur is all about.

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