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Hello! My name is Robert Torres, and I’m going to tell you what 3D architectural rendering is in this article. As a practicing architect I would like to share with you some professional aspects of 3D application in architecture, and to speak about both development prospects and implementation of such software. If to speak more specifically I’m going to tell about architectural rendering (architectural visualization) and about the place it has in the work of architectural studio.

First of all I wish to answer the question: Why do we need rendering?

Photorealistic rendering is needed for qualitative presentation of an architectural object. At the first stage of customer communications exactly rendering is playing a key role, rather than drawings and diagrams. Architects are absorbed greatly with architecture far too often and they are leaving behind qualitative description and presentation of the work. But it’s better to use them as a whole. Here we get that in the end unsatisfactory description will kill the most valuable implementation of ideas. The modern world is becoming too spoilt with media and advertising, and as a rule wish to see the order in a ‘colorful cover’.

3D architectural rendering or anecdotal evidence

On one occasion my familiar architecture showed his work and asked to estimate it. I saw a cool house in a modern style and it was an excellent work in one word. “Imagine”, he complained, “I’ve offered this house to a customer, but he chose a primitive and typical plan from a customary magazine”. I was speechless when watched at the picture and wasn’t able to understand why the client had preferred a primitive architecture, but then a guess had shaded me and I wished to see the selection process from the standpoint of statistically average client. Then I saw a hard copy from a current printer with the paper that leaved something to be desired.

Bad light, absence of landscape, standard atmosphere of reference in picture, waste deposit of materials, builders, slush (the photo was shooted in winter), disgusting perspective. Everything was evoking a dispiriting mood. In comparison with this a rendering of a miserable house from a typical magazine of existing plans with beautification, on a wonderful sunny day, altogether with a happy family on a lawn was looking as a paradise.

Architects and visualizers mustn’t forget about the thing that a skillful view of an architect can’t always be understandable and allowable to an ordinary customer. On repeated occasions I assured myself in magic possibilities of 3D rendering and visualization of saving even the most ordinary architecture.

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