Facebook is rapidly becoming Ragebook, and I worry about the effects of that for the long haul.

We are one week in to the deep anger, but there has been a build-up over the past year as horror after horror is played out and amplified on our social media.

I’m not suggesting a return to all cute kittens, all the time “normal.” I am suggesting we exercise self-care online as well as in the offline world.

First, because Ragebook can switch so easily from motivator to depressant, causing cut-off (blanket over head).

Second, Ragebook cuts us off from each other emotionally, and isolation is how the other side will dominate.

So, find a balance that works for you. For the angry post, post one of joy or humor. Or of your family. (I love seeing your kids). Or your trips.

If your anger and upset is such that you need to hit that post button 10 times before you can breathe, that’s cool. Just send us some love at the end to balance.

Remember, like a war, this era will be long and painful and horrific, but we will prevail because we are on the side of history and progress.

Take care and send the kitten videos.

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