What do UN staff think of the #NextSG candidates?

2 min readJun 7, 2016

While more transparent than ever before, the process to select this year’s selection of the Next SG is still quite opaque. It is a decision for member states, with some more equal than others.

Those who actually work or have worked in the UN system have no formal say in this decision, although many of them have worked closely with these candidates for SG over the years and have great insights into their qualities as leaders, managers, and colleagues.

They have seen them under in good times and bad, under stress and at moments of success. How do we bring this knowledge to the decision making process?

The Center on International Cooperation’s UNSG 2016 Project would like to invite all current and former UN employees to participate in a brief survey to hear whom they would prefer as the Next SG. We are asking you to rank your top three candidates in order.

The survey results from this “experiment” will be posted weekly here on UNSG 2016.

As new candidates enter the race the poll will be closed and a new round started. After the UNSC straw polls expected in July, new voting rounds of this poll will be held as candidates drop out. This will allow those who might have chosen a losing candidate to vote again.

To protect the integrity of the survey we will need to ask for some information to identify you as a present or past UN staff member. This information will be kept confidential, results will be aggregated, and no personal information will be published. Only one vote per round will be allowed.

To get started, click here to vote.