The basics of a landing page

If you are in the startup world, you have probably heard that term repeatedly. Many startups creates tons of them and put all their efforts on advertising them in one way or another. Yes, I’m talking about the landing pages. Are they worth it? What’s in it for you? Today let’s break down the landing pages together.

Why a landing page is vital to your project

Do you need a landing page? The short answer is yes. For the detailed answer, please read further.

Let’s start from the beginning: what is a landing page? It is a standalone web page — distinct from your website — designed for a specific objective. This way it helps visitors to focus on your intended conversion goal. To put it simply: this web page showcases your product/service to the internet users. Do you see why you need one? You just created your company and you are eager to serve your first clients. Apart from your mom and her friends, where will you find them? Yes, that’s right, online! And the landing page will act as the first showcase of your product/service to the world. So, you’d better create the best possible one.

Do you think it doesn’t make sense for you because you have a physical store? Or maybe you don’t sell online? We live in a world where you can book your ophthalmologist appointment right from your smartphone. Moreover, for people under their 30’s if your business cannot be found online it doesn’t exist. Thus, let me insist: you do need a landing page!

5 tools for creating your landing page

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it by yourself! There are many tools around, but here are a few that we recommend:

You will find great reviews for all of them, so I recommend to just have a try and see which one works best for you!

The 5 mistakes to avoid when creating your landing page

Creating a good landing page is not a matter of chance or product, there is a number of best practices to follow to avoid the basic mistakes. I rounded up the most common ones here.

  • You make it too complicated

The page needs to be very simple and clean to support the very specific goal you have in mind. It is not the place to show off your creativity, function and content should come first. It’s all about the user experience!

  • You don’t have a clear call to action

You are the one who knows better your product or service, so you can easily know what the goal for your page is, and by extension what call to action you should aim for. Everything in your page — from headline to layout and images — should support this goal.

  • You want too much

Also, if your page has a form, only ask for the essentials. Prospects will not sign up for a demo or more information if they must fill 10 fields before submitting the form. First hook them up, then ask them for more details if needed.

  • You don’t capitalise enough on the metrics

Whether the users take action or not, there is data to gather from their visit. You should track and analyse this data to improve your lading page, or even your concept!

  • You are not patient enough

Once your landing page created, don’t expect an Adwords or Facebook campaign to get you tons of leads and make you rich overnight. Get over that famous “buzz” everyone keeps talking about! You need patience and lots of work to get qualified leads to your landing page. It can come through Facebook (I don’t recommend Adwords at the beginning), but you need to come up with a real strategy.

5 resources to go deeper

If you are not sure where or how to start, here is a shortlist of great resources to deepen your knowledge:

Landing pages are one of the themes covered by the first cycle of our acceleration program.

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