On January 11, 2018 Ravi Ragbir, the Executive Director of the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City and a leading advocate for immigrant rights, was detained by ICE. Ravi came to the US in 1991 from Trinidad and Tobago, and was a green-card holder between 1994–2006 before facing deportation because of a non-violent criminal conviction for which he spent two years in immigration detention. For the past decade, Ravi has worked assiduously with local and national leaders for just immigration policies primarily through the New Sanctuary Coalition, a historic and leading inter-faith based organization in New York City which…

On Monday, May 1, NYU Sanctuary coordinated a Walk Out because NYU has yet to make concrete policy changes to support students affected by Trump’s violence!

We walked out to make three demands of the NYU administration: Expand access to housing, financial aid, and employment to those affected by Trump’s policies; bar ICE from any buildings or land owned or controlled by NYU under all circumstances; and declare NYU a Sanctuary Campus.

Students originally walked out in November 2016 to demand that NYU become a sanctuary campus…NYU President Andy Hamilton still hasn’t truly heard that call.

You will find below a response from President Hamilton to our letter dated March 31, 2017. On April 4th, the administration responded to the demands of students working with NYU Sanctuary for a meeting. We are pleased that they have agreed to continue meeting with the student Taskforce Team, which is composed of undergrad and graduate students representing those directly affected by changing federal policies. For more on those demands see the post on our site, here.

Nevertheless, what is clear from President’s Hamilton’s attached response is his continuing refusal to acknowledge the significance of the broad campus-wide support for…

On Thursday, March 9th NYU Sanctuary and The Illuminator teamed up for a surprise direct action in the heart of the university’s main campus. Beginning at 8 PM the organizers projected text onto the austere edifice of Bobst Library. In addition to demanding that President Andrew Hamilton declare NYU a Sanctuary Campus, slides explained how the group defines sanctuary and drew attention to links between NYU Trustees and the Trump administration.

Credit: Dotan Greenvald

Thank you everyone who joined NYU Sanctuary’s contingent at the International Women’s Strike today. Today, we marched in solidarity with thousands of working women around the world. Above all, we recognize that this is an intersectional struggle.

As our undergraduate representative Nour Obeidallah said in her powerful speech today:

“We will continue to support and prioritize the most vulnerable members of our community and build our movements around their needs. We will follow their lead in the struggle and we will rally around those who have been doing this work for longer than we have. …

The email from NYU’s president is an effort by the administration to discourage political organization on our campus toward making NYU a Sanctuary Campus. In this age of “new uncertainties,” we call out our administration for prioritizing their image and the financial interests of an unaccountable Board of Trustees over the needs of the students, staff, and faculty. Vague commitments and video feeds of birds are not enough.

We made some edits to Hamilton’s letter. Students all over the country are walking out in the face of Trump. We need better than this from NYU!

Edits to Hamilton’s Letter

The respite of winter break…

Why is declaring NYU a Sanctuary Campus important?

President Hamilton has stated that NYU will not be a Sanctuary Campus. This is a moment when institutions of higher learning that declare themselves Sanctuary Campuses will be distinguished from those who do not. Universities that undertake this proactive step will lead the collective stand of educators against discriminatory, isolationist policies that harm the individuals they target, our universities, and the United States. The presence of NYU in New York City and at sites around the world calls for a strong and unequivocal statement. …

By Anna Letson. Taken at the NYU Student Walkout, November 16, 2016

In light of the executive orders on immigration passed by the Donald Trump administration, we urge you to declare NYU a Sanctuary Campus immediately. It is of the utmost urgency that NYU as a global network university support the unanimously passed Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Senate Faculty Council resolution of Dec. 15, 2016 for NYU to become a Sanctuary Campus. This declaration of sanctuary would affirm NYU’s commitment to uphold the key values of the university at all levels and sites of the NYU community by working actively and dedicating resources to the protection of its students, staff, workers, and faculty.


NYU Sanctuary

Committed to upholding the key values of NYU and protecting our students, staff, workers, and faculty.

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