Uh… no. That’s silly.
Alexander E Jones

We all are, indeed, special snowflakes. If you want an entire meta-culture to ‘shut up and listen’, perhaps lightening up on the assumptive nature of that communication and the condescending tone in which so many people ‘demand’ attention.

‘White people’ are listening. They have been, a great many of them, and have moved aside on so many levels to make way for people of color, to lift them up — only for the worst of us, the most repulsive and bigoted, to be taken for the whole. What history is also going to show, with this attitude, is that you may START to see white people starting to find more in common with each other based on something as silly as pigment BECAUSE of this condescension and widespread hate-mongering — and that’s what it’s coming to.

That’s really, really sad, but it’s something you’re seeing more and more of as the days pass. The media gods are chuckling in their evil, and meanwhile that sense of underdog vengeance propels everyone on in a bullheaded rush of entitled passion. I hope it gets somewhere beyond ‘more riots’, because if ‘white people’, the vast unwashed and emotional herds of them, start feeling like their efforts are pointless and they are just going to be vilified, it’s going to close more and more ears that were once always open to try, to listen and to have each others backs. Hate is hate, no matter how justified you think you may be in engaging in it.

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