A discussion about the breaking of the Internet
Mike Roberts

Mike, in the interests of clarity here, could you confirm that all the emails between all parties have been published? I have some emails to and from Microsoft Xbox Live Support that may help you pile on some more corporate doublespeak to confuse the plebs into thinking you were genuine, thus you get your moral high ground back? The aforementioned emails will clearly demonstrate the existence of a company that is even more reprehensible than KiK in their dealings with “people” — Microsoft. By your logic, this argument being posted on social media will absolve you, poor unfortunate Bob and your PR people of any wrongdoing… If you need them I can make them available? Just an offer…

Just an opinion here prefacing my first question: Bob Stratton acted as if he had some type of neurological dysfunction. Getting simple, binary concepts such politeness and rudeness mixed up like that could be a symptom of poor old Bob having a stroke… Lucky I attached this shitty hybrid code to show you what your options are here:

If bob.havingStroke = false THEN 
 printf “
Bob: I thought I asked you to clean out your desk…
 ELSE get.medical_help(STAT)

If you can’t compile this project because your patents guys have gone all Hiroshima on a disabled 12 year old developer because he is impinging on your clearly patented colour (which we call “green”, but whatever you want to name it is fine by me) used in their pro-bono work for a charity, but just so happens has some IP that holds up a load-bearing beam of the internet-building (that you also inhabit), please let me know so I can arrange to send you some colour-coded cards and the fire department.

If Captain Ineptitude (Bob) doesn’t have the “I had a stroke” play as a defence or excuse, has he as been disciplined in any way? Perhaps some night schooling on ethics, professional conduct, how internet marketing works or even English might be in order…

Oh, and just a last question: did your PR people sign off on this excursion to the interwebs before you posted what could be used for years as a textbook called “what NOT to do — lessons learned by kik and NPM” for PR students?

It almost feels like I’m reading a copy of “Don’t do what Donny Don’t does”.

I eagerly await your responses.

Hope Bob is doing OK…



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