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NZ Mountain Safety
Jun 5 · 2 min read

The NZAA Avalanche Advisory is looking to use community data to help everyone have a safe winter — through an online competition!

You can help others stay safe in the backcountry by submitting Avalanche and Snowpack Observations via the Public Observations section of the NZAA website. Capturing the information around this season’s snowpack is an important part of shaping our backcountry forecasts and helping people stay safe in the alpine environments.

So, next time you are in the backcountry — be safe, submit your observations to and enter our competition! It’s a Win Win!

A Few Details: > Competition runs from June — October 2019 > Must supply photo + data +contact details > Safety is paramount > Read the rules here > Winners will be contacted directly and announced each month on our Alpine Facebook Page

The Three Prize Categories are:

Category 1: Share a Snowpack or Avalanche Observation
Category 2: Photo of the month — *By submitting your photo you are allowing MSC to use this for any promotional purpose.
Category 3: Regionally Specific Observations

You can help spread the word by downloading assets for the competition and share in your network.> Find them here

Learn about Avalanches >>

Competition Run by the NZ Mountain Safety Council. For more information, get in touch >


NZ Mountain Safety

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