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LIVE: Plan My Trip — Online Planning Tool

Mountain Safety Council (MSC) is proud to announce that the development work of ‘Plan My Trip’ is now complete. Available on the MSC website

Released in time for Labour Weekend, ‘Plan My Trip’ has been developed with the participant in mind. The tool steps users through a few simple questions (Activity > Intended Location > Length Of Trip > Group Size) before delivering the relevant warnings and notices for the trip. At launch will be Department Of Conservation alerts (Huts, Campsites) as well as NZ Avalanche Advisory if the region or sub-region coincides with a forecast areas. Plan My Trip then pulls all of the trip information, alert information and adds a packing list and trip recommendations into a shareable (email + Facebook), clickable and downloadable PDF.

Additional data coming soon: Live weather warnings and watches from MetService as well as track alerts from Department of Conservation are due to be added soon.
‘Plan My Trip’ > The tool on the MSC website.

Mike Daisley, CEO of MSC briefly explained the purpose of Plan My Trip:

“Safety is the outcome of good planning and good decision making. Plan My Trip has been developed to help people plan well for their adventures”
“Often people don’t know they need things like an avalanche forecast, or that there is a track alert. We’re doing the hard work for people and are facilitating this by bringing information from a range of sources to the user.”
“We’ve kept this tool as easy to use as we can so it can be useful to a wide range of participants now and into the future. We’d like to thank Somar Design Studios in Wellington for their tremendous effort in developing this tool,” he concluded.

The tool is also available to use via the Department of Conservation and MetService websites.

Outdoor Safety Retail Partners — Bivouac, Torpedo7 and Macpac — are all working towards adding this tool to their websites. A project to add kiosks in-store is also due to begin now the tool is launched.

Plan My Trip is MSC’s latest resource aimed at safe participation in outdoor recreation and builds on the strong partnerships the council has with national organisations dedicated to improving the safety of outdoor recreation participants in the New Zealand outdoors. Released in time for Labour Weekend, which has an average of 32 injuries and 3 people involved in a SAR incident, the tool is aimed at families and those new to the outdoors. The packing list, trip recommendations are tailored to the activity and region.

Sharing your trip is also a key feature of the tool. Users are able to share to Facebook or email their clickable PDF to family and friends.

“It’s vital that everyone that heads outdoors this weekend plans well and tells someone where they are going. You don’t want to be a needle in the haystack if things go wrong,” said Daisley
“We‘ve created a simple and efficient planning tool that also lets people ‘tell someone their plans’ in a modern way. This tool makes the planning and sharing process quick and easy. Ultimately, we’re focused on helping participants make it home safely.”
“Safety is the outcome of good planning, and good decision making. We’re hoping this tool will help facilitate both planning and decision making by alerting people to things they may not have realised they needed; like an avalanche forecast for tramping for instance,” he concluded.

Plan My Trip has been funded with the help of Lottery Grants. MSC would like to thank the Lottery Grants Board for believing in the vision of this project.

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