Media Release: Emotive safety video ‘Early Bird’ released prior to opening weekend, 6th May 2017

NZ Mountain Safety
Apr 28, 2017 · 2 min read
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Opening Weekend — 6th May, 2017

The recently released video from the Mountain Safety Council (MSC) for duck hunters that are heading out for the highly anticipated annual hunting event ‘opening weekend’ on the 6th May across the country. The video has been specifically produced to strike a chord with the friends and families of the hunters said CEO Mike Daisley

We know from our research that 64% of all game bird hunting injuries occur in May, and that the majority of these are preventable,” he said

“We’re also aware that there are a lot of families that’ll be affected by the incidents that are likely to occur next weekend.”

Daisley also pointed out that “The video is emotive and is designed to get a conversation going within families that they’d like them to get back safe.”

MSC are quick to reiterate that making it home was the key message MSC are trying to portray with this new video as well as their other recent video series developed with Hunters Club NZ that explores the latest NZ hunting incident research called ‘A Hunter’s Tale.

“We’re keen to have a ‘0’ in the fatality, search and rescue and injury column this year. It’s achievable if hunters heed the firearms safety rules,” said Daisley

“The vast majority of hunting incidents that involved a firearm can be traced to one or many of the firearms safety rules not being followed,” he concluded.

Both the videos as well as the research ‘A Hunter’s Tale’ can be found on the MSC website —

MSC urge you to share the videos with your wider network, especially any families that have hunters who might be heading out this season.

Links to videos
YouTube Link —
Facebook Link —


For more information or to arrange an interview please text / call Nick Kingstone, Communications Manager — 0211902930 Alternatively head to our media enquiries page HERE

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