When people are out on their adventure they’re faced with challenging situations and are confronted by rapidly changing weather. Safety is the outcome of thorough planning and good decision making. Having the right information is critical to both planning and decision making and can often be the thing that those new to the outdoors underestimate. Sometimes, they just don’t know what they need to know.

NZ Mountain Safety
Feb 15 · 4 min read

MSC is always searching for new and innovative ways to deliver targeted messages. Part of MSC’s strategy for reaching outdoor participants is to work with a range of partners to incorporate helpful content into the places they are already going. Through traditional, digital and social media we can reach people planning a trip into the outdoors when they’re at home. However, there are limited options to engage with them just prior to or during their chosen adventure.

For a number of years, CamperMate has been the most popular app for independent travellers in New Zealand and Australia, developing geo-located messaging for over 750k travellers. With helpful information on nearby accommodation, petrol stations, wifi and supermarkets, it also has a wealth of information on great places to go and things to do. It also gives travellers the opportunity to comment on experiences and give timely updates through suggestions that other app users have listed.

In 2015, the MSC started to work with CamperMate by listing helpful safety information alongside popular walking tracks. However, through the work that produced A Walk in the Park? and the Alpine Tramping Video Series we knew we could take this partnership to the next level and combine our knowledge of safety with Campermate’s ability to deliver content.

Paul Shale, CEO of Roadtrippers Australasia was very keen to see the difference the app could make in keeping people safe.

“We have used our network of apps to release civil defence warnings including tsunami alerts and post-earthquake Kaikoura road condition updates for travellers. So when we saw the data from ‘A Walk in the Park?’ we saw a perfect partnership to marry our mobile tech with MSC’s mission to bring more safety to our popular walking tracks,” says Shale.

“This project is a first for New Zealand and we’re excited to be working together, finding smart ways to communicate with hikers, while they’re hiking and help keep them safe.”

Together, MSC and CamperMate embarked on a project to build an interactive ‘pocket companion’ for people walking on some of NZ’s more popular tracks. By incorporating key information at key decision points along each track we could influence people who may otherwise get out of their depth and suggest smart choices for them to make.

Many users on CamperMate have their location services on, to find what they need, which helps locate them when they’re out and about. Hikers walk into a ‘geofence’ either before or on a track and receive messages on their phone like, ‘Most injuries occur here as the track’s exposed to harsh weather with loose scoria. Go slowly & stick to the track!’.

If you travel inside a ‘geo-fence’ the Campermate app will notify you of important information.

Seven tracks around New Zealand have been completed and are currently being tested. Guided by our insights, the focus has been on the following tracks: Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Taranaki Summit Track, Robert Ridge Track, Mueller Hut Route, Ben Lomond Track, Kepler Track and Gertrude Saddle Route. There are plans to add several more as the participant data shapes how the current alerts and information are being used.

Mike Daisley, CEO of MSC is excited about the potential influence of apps such as CamperMate.

“We’re really pleased with the partnership we’ve built with CamperMate and the Roadtippers team. They really got what we were trying to achieve.

Their participant data about where people are accessing the outdoors augmented with our insights into what’s going wrong, where, and to whom, has proven to be a powerful combination, even at this relatively early stage of our joint work.

Working together has allowed the participant to be served the most relevant and contextual safety information before, during and sometimes after their trip into the outdoors.

We’re pleased to be able to use our insights to target outdoor participants with the critical information relevant to their intended trip.”

CamperMate app is free to download on iPhone and Android.


NZ Mountain Safety

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For over 50 years MSC has been NZ’s national organisation promoting safety in land based outdoor activities #MakeItHomeNZ | Media kit — https://goo.gl/fIEvIq

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