Edit Release: Bivouac proud to join the ‘Outdoor Safety Retail Partnership’

The Outdoor Safety Retail Partnership (OSRP) is now three strong with the addition of Bivouac. Mountain Safety Council (MSC) chief executive Mike Daisley is proud to announce that Bivouac is the third major New Zealand outdoor retailer to confirm its statement of intent. The OSRP has been designed to give those exploring the outdoors a clear and consistent message about their role in staying safe in the outdoors.

“It’s really encouraging to see major retailers putting their commercial competitiveness to one side in the interests of consistency. This allows the participant, who is the focus for us, to receive a clear safety message regardless of where they happen to visit,” he said.

For over 50 years MSC has been NZ’s national organisation promoting safety in land based outdoor activities #MakeItHomeNZ | www.mountainsafety.org.nz

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