Media Release: ‘Outdoor Safety Retail Partnership’ gets underway

“The outdoor participant is at the heart of this program. It’s about making sure that the messages they get on their way to and from the outdoors via the retailers is as consistent as we can achieve,” he said.

“To be clear, the retailers in New Zealand already do a good job promoting safety. We’re simply enabling a more focused discussion in-store and online, one that is consistent and easy to understand. To do that we’ve developed a range of resources, some of which are soon to be released, that will help facilitate a discussion about safety in new ways,” Daisley concluded.

Daisley said the project is expected to grow to around six or seven retailers in the next few years with a focus on Tramping, Hunting, Mountaineering, Trail Running and Mountain Biking in the first 24 months.

“We’ve got a roadmap for where this initiative is intending to go and it follows our research pathway that we began in 2016 with ‘There and Back’ where we focused on these five activities.”

Staff training is a key part of the wider initiative developed with Torpedo7 as part of the formalisation of this partnership.

“We’re looking to intersect outdoor participants at a key point in their journey to the outdoors. They are considering gear and looking for advice on all sorts of things and the Torpedo7 staff are perfectly placed to positively influence their planning and decision making,” said Daisley.

Torpedo7 Marketing Manager Sonya Wilkinson said it made perfect sense for the organisation to work closely with MSC.

“‘See you out there’ is our tagline and the cornerstone of everything we do. We are passionate about doing all we can to support the safety of our customers and we’re looking forward to using our store network and channels to be able to reinforce these important messages,” says Ms Wilkinson.

Daisley said he’s been encouraged by the level of support that the sector has shown before any major initiatives have begun in earnest.

“It’s great to know that major outdoor retailers like Torpedo7 are prepared to work so proactively with us on helping participants staying safe while they enjoy the outdoors,” he said

“We’ve found a great deal of shared value in the partnership already. There are some exciting initiatives planned that outdoors people will begin to see in-store and online from July this year.”

“Torpedo7 are the first of three or four retailers we’re in discussions with about this project this year,” he said.

With more announcements planned in the next few months, outdoor enthusiasts should look out for wallet sized cards at the point of sale as well as articles on the Torpedo 7 website.

Torpedo7 is an outdoor and adventure sport multichannel retailer with ten stores nationwide and a strong online presence in New Zealand and Australia. The brand specialises in outdoor adventure sports such as biking, skiing, snowboarding, motocross, water sports, camping, and hiking.

For more information on this project head to the MSC blog or Facebook page via the links below.

MSC Blog

MSC Facebook Page

Torpedo7 Blog



For further information please contact,

Nick Kingstone

Communications Manager





For over 50 years MSC has been NZ’s national organisation promoting safety in land based outdoor activities #MakeItHomeNZ |

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NZ Mountain Safety

NZ Mountain Safety

For over 50 years MSC has been NZ’s national organisation promoting safety in land based outdoor activities #MakeItHomeNZ |

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