MSC Southern Hemisphere Alpine Conference (SHAC) — Call for submissions

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS & WORKSHOPS — 17 and 18 June 2017; Christchurch, New Zealand

Welcome to the 2017 Southern Hemisphere Alpine Conference (SHAC). Formerly the Southern Hemisphere Avalanche Conference, in 2017 the conference broadens its focus to alpine snow environments, and brings together New Zealand and international delegates and exhibitors who are interested in helping to shape the future of alpine snow safety.

The SHAC has three key objectives:

1. To provide a platform for people interested in alpine snow environments to share ideas, network and enhance their knowledge and practical skills.

2. To build strong partnerships that connect our alpine community together, and

3. To generate opportunities to develop future strategies and collaborations that help more people stay safe in the outdoors.

Conference delegates will include snow safety professionals, guides, search and rescue specialists, outdoor educators, researchers, weather forecasters, commercial operators, land managers, policy makers, mountain enthusiasts and more…


A diverse programme will engage delegates in a mix of interactive sessions: plenary/keynotes and presentations to share ideas and thought leadership, practical workshops to develop new skills and enhanced capabilities, and panel discussions that provide a platform for exchange and debate. Proposed strands will include:

o Weather and Climate

o Risk Management, Rescue and Public Safety

o Teaching, Learning and Alpine Culture

o Decision-Making

o Science and Research

o International Trends and Directions


People interested in presenting or facilitating a session at the conference are invited to submit an abstract or workshop description to Laura Adams, SHAC Convener before 15 March 2017. Spaces are available for the following:

* 20 or 30 minute presentations

* 45, 60 or 90 minute workshops

* Poster presentations.

Please include the title of your session, name(s) and city/country of residence, type of session (presentation, workshop or poster) and a description of up to 250 words. If you are proposing a workshop, indicate preferred length and maximum number of participants. SHAC proceedings will be published in MSC’s 2017 Crystal Ball.



Convener: Laura Adams

SHAC Information: info