Blog: Summer checklist

NZ Mountain Safety
Oct 5, 2016 · 2 min read
Wet feet? No thanks. Look after your boots and they’ll return the favour.

Isn’t it great! The weather is getting better (mostly) and that means you’re no doubt thinking about your next trip into the great outdoors. Here are a few simple things to remind yourself of before you go so you’ll make it home, and have a great time.

Clean your act up. Some things get better with age — Whiskey for example — outdoor equipment is rarely one of them. Drag out the kit, dust it off and give it a good old fashioned spring clean. Not only will your gear last a whole lot longer, it’ll work better (or work at all) when you use it for the first time in months. This works in reverse at the end of the season, put your gear away clean and serviced for long life and peace of mind.

Sun Smart — remember the sun? Your skin does, and certainly will as you age. Take a hat, sunscreen and more water. Dehydration and fatigue from heat exposure is a factor in so many 3pm navigation “disagreements” with groups. Arrive fresh and happy into camp.

Book a bunk early — If you’re thinking about doing a Great Walk it may be too late to book a spot (check here). Despair not! New Zealand is blessed with an overabundance of amazing tracks and adventures. Head to the DOC website or visitor center for trip ideas.

Shiny new kit — Admit it, you’re thinking about which piece of gear you’ll be buying this season — either as an upgrade of what you already have, or something new entirely. If you can spring for it, a PLB is a great investment in your overall safety. It doesn’t supersede good trip planning and sensible management of risks, but if it all goes pear shaped at least you’ll be much easier to find.

Plan your trip — It sounds simple, but there is more to it than you’d think. Failing to plan is (in some trips) planning for failure. Head to our site to get you up to speed on how to have a great time. We have a range of resources and social media channels to help you plan your trip more effectively and make it home!

Head to Facebook / Twitter / YouTube and search #MakeItHomeNZ for links to awesome material.
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