A kid not being able to achieve his hopes and dreams will break anybody’s heart. Most parents would do anything to keep their children secure under their wing until of course, they grow up. The need to feel safe is sought by nearly everyone, especially families. Through effective advertising, companies like Nationwide are able to get more and more people to sign up for their insurance plans.

Initially, the “Make Safe Happen” commercial features a cute, young boy talking about how he will never learn to ride a bike. It continues into him stating he’ll never to learn to fly, travel the world with his best friend (his dog), or get married. Him wanting to grow up with these dreams is shown through short scenarios that certainly tug at a viewer’s emotions. In the last 15 seconds of the ad, the once soft, acoustic music stops only to leave an long echo with the words “The number one cause of childhood deaths is preventable accidents” appearing on the screen. If this wasn’t enough to frighten the consumer, three more scenes, all being ways children die, are displayed seconds after reading the shocking fact. A fallen and shattered TV, an open cabinet with spilled dishwasher detergent, and an overflowing bathtub.

As a solution, Nationwide guarantees to not allow threats reach your child. They promise to protect your children and “make safe happen” if you buy their insurance. By showing various amounts of dangerous and depressing consequences, they use the need to feel safe appeal. As this company’s slogan assures you, Nationwide is on your side, and that will ultimately make consumers buy into what they have to sell.