Laser Weapon-little size with full energy.

Abstract: According to a Navy official , the Navy is implementing an agreement with Northrop Grumman , aimed at developing a shipborne laser weapons. With which the Navy can destroy enemy drones, small boats, planes, ships and missiles easily.

The director of Naval Research Tom Boitna said that this kind of weapon system used multispectral target detection and tracking devices which equipped with a advanced fiber laser technology so that it can attack target in a long distance. The improvement of Powerful Laser Pointer can not only improve the power, but also expand the range of it. This verification system will summarize a variety of operating procedures, such as the hardware and software integration.”

Northrop Grumman had said in a statement, this validation of laser weapon system would divided into three parts: early design, ground testing and ship testing.Besides,the company will design a 150 kw solid state (Electrical) laser weapon systems, as well as supporting work related to carrier based testing.As you know, the ordinary laser pointer keychain is just 5mw! If the Naval Research Office performs all the contract options, the contract may last for 34 months, with a total cost of $91 million.”

Naval Research Department official said, the goal of this research is to design a Laser Pointer Green system sample for further analysis,once there is a procurement plan, these samples will become real products.
It is not clear when this weapon will be put into wars, but current goals seems to offer laser weapon technology for destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers or Littoral Combat Ship.A Navy official said: “it is too early to determine whether this weapon system will have the capability to fight. Northrop Grumman has been funded to organize a demonstration, senior leadership will decide whether it is worth to put money into a project. “Navy and Northrop Grumman officials believe that laser weapons system cost a little, there is no need to use thousands of dollars to interceptor missiles Many naval officials have said that this weapon is a dominant position in terms of cost.

Northrop Grumman aerospace systems oriented department director said that they have offered a high precision defense system, which can not only protect our Navy, but also our wallets. Because the cost of it is very cheap.In addition, the navy has deployed a laser system for several months.It uses a burning laser to hit or destroy a fixed target, as well as a fast or slow moving target. The system has tested successfully and it has been put into use in the amphibious dock transport ship.

Navy officials explained that per launch cost 59 cents compared with the standard -2 type missiles millions of dollars to launch a interceptor missile.So it’s cheaper and effective!Navy officials said the sailors in the sea l practice using laser weapon system every day.They even used this weapon destroyed some of the goals.Besides,the Navy personnel and engineers found that the laser weapon system can also search target with a infra red rifle laser sight , which is unexpected.