The Spread of the English Language and its Effects on International Business


There is no denying English is widely recognized as today’s global language. The increase in interaction and interconnection between all the world’s countries continues to grow. Be it American English, British English or Australian English, the words you hear, read and write continue to appear more and more in English.

Sure, there is a difference between “What’s up, man?”, “What you sayin’, bruv?” and “G’day mate, how ya’ going?” But ultimately, native English speakers can easily communicate with each other.

Over the past few decades the desire to learn English skyrocketed. In China, I often see foreigners from every corner of the globe engaging in conversation…and if they are not from the same country, any guess what language they are speaking?


A perfect example is when I went out for drinks last week and my friends from France, Indonesia, Colombia, Mauritius and me all conversed in English. Albeit a few questionable translations and phrases, everyone understood one another.

In China, English is the common denominator people use to converse on all levels of dialogue.

Today, one must speak English (except for a handful of exceptions of people) in order to have a successful international career in virtually any field.

*I want to note, before I get any further, I am NOT saying one should stop/not learn a second language. Indeed, I think learning another language is one of the best, most beneficial skills a person can possess. I’ve spend nearly the past decade learning Mandarin Chinese and Spanish and I think it is the greatest way to truly understand and immerse yourself in a new culture. Moreover, I believe and have been told multiple times gaining knowledge of a different society’s tongue is the best way to earn the indigenous people’s respect as well as catapult you to a elevated level in the business world. Lastly, this is not a post about eliminating other languages or the superiority of English, but rather insight into the opportunities becoming available because of the spread of the English language.*

The above statement represents my passion to continue to learn and grow as a person. I think populations all over the globe recognize the fact English is becoming the world’s language. Therefore, their fervor to study English signifies their desire to generate new opportunities. I consider the fact I am a native English a huge blessing, and I plan to take full advantage of my mother tongue!

The ability to speak English opens the doors to the rest of the world. This statement applies not only to native speakers but to ANYONE who can speak English at a conversational or above level. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met/know who learned English as their third or fourth language. Nonetheless, they utilize this language for all sorts of opportunities.

The spectrum encompasses all types of work, from positions such as part-time work at a hostel to the instant hiring as the head of an overseas office…and everything in-between. A position in demand all over the globe is the foreign English teacher. I have a friend who went from China to Chile to Turkey as a teacher and then found work as a freelance travel writer through her blog; talk about a life she loves!

My favorite story is about a friend of ours who was, quite frankly, one of the most engaging, personable people we’ve ever met. He was on an around the world trip and while in Cambodia met a business owner on vacation. When the non-native English speaker asked of his plans and he said “He wasn’t sure,” the CEO offered him a job and the spot and he now works as a traveling account representative around the globe.

A global language lowers barriers to entry all over the globe. Less than twenty years ago, it was considered a one in a million shot you could move to a new country, see an opportunity and start capitalizing on the aforementioned prospect. Now, as you can read in our E-book, such openings continue to develop all over the globe.

A frequent common denominator in all of the cases we’ve mentioned is the fact English is used every day all over the globe to negotiate all types of business. There are businesses opening all over the globe started by a conversation in English and it’s great for our world to grow more and mutually gain from each other.

A single language is the most practical way to speeding up international business. To build off my previous paragraph, not only is it happening but the frequency continues to increase. Imagine if/when we will all be able to communicate on a more fluent level…the potential to expand is endless.

The doors and access to the rest of the world continue to open and it’s your time to get out there and take advantage of it!!!

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