Docker For Mac Beta Review

Perfect OS X Packaging
What is this magic?!
There’s the Docker madness I expect!
Hello Redis in seconds! No `docker-machine start`
  • VirtualBox and its nasty kernel extensions
  • The install2docker scripts I wrote to non-interactively uninstall and re-install VirtualBox when it inevitably got messed up
  • 11 GB of VirtualBox VM data
  • VMWare Fusion and its price tag
  • Docker Machine (via homebrew)
  • 36 GB of machine data in ~/.docker/
  • boot2docker (via homebrew)
  • boot2docker (stand alone app)
  • Docker Toolbox (Docker Machine, Docker Quickstart Terminal and Kitematic)
  • Hacks in /etc/hosts
  • Environment variables in ~/.bash_profile




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Noah Zoschke

Noah Zoschke

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