Why banked Nigerians need Paga
Tayo Oviosu

No 1. I feel is still paga’s secret sauce. The simplicity it provides to the unbanked is still very much understated. The agent network makes money for the agents, I can send money home to some people I need to help that don’t have bank accounts, they can always use Okada and go to an atm and pick the money (even in places without paga agents now). It provides paga with informal sme data for things like micro lending (that’s when paga eventually gets to that). In my opinion one challenge I foresee is how these people without bank accounts get educated (… ohhh wait they have a phone and normally play mp3 music. So audio instructions in their language kinda solves this). Sending language appropriate audio instructions to them can help. They can also play this back at the atm, in case they get confused.

I really want paga to succeed mainly because it tends to really spend the time to address the so called bottom of pyramid market and the informal sector in Africa is that tide that would lift the continent. It’s just toooooo hard to get it going. That’s why I’m cheering on paga.

#nobanknoproblem use paga.