This is a first “test” post. Let us see what happens.

Where did I learn about Medium? From a friends facebooks who I later learned had grown a decent earning power.

What was my first inclinations to write on this post? Maybe I would mention career capital, social capital, planning and following through.

Or maybe some lose thoughts.

You are not as successull as you once anticipated. and there are many reasons. Because of lack of proper detailed planning, but not so much because of lack of training.

To make something happen requires effort. Even if you think it doesnt it always does. If you have the money, the time and the intention your progress is likely to be swayed by other people. And although other people might admire you at first for your independence, the things they are their lifestyles their social circle may not be good for you. Because you are ab individual. And being a successful one takes carefullness, tact and as I have learned, acting.

To say that “I never had a job” is harsh. I never got a paycheck for a cooperation sure. But I did do manual and intellectual labor (labour!?). I studied. I solved problems in school. I clean a lot. I did do waiter-like volunteer work.

— Thank you for reading — -