7 Surprising uses for everyday objects you didn’t know about because you’ve been using them wrong your whole life up until now

Since the Industrial Revolution made life easier for people, who didn’t have to live on farms anymore (ELECTRICITY, FTW), we’ve come to view things as what they are and nothing else: toasters are for toasting, refrigerators are for keeping food cold, dryers are for losing your favorite socks. But lifehacks teach us that everyday objects in our lives are more than what they may seem at first glance. Here are some surprising uses for everyday objects you may not know about until now:

1. Doors

Everyone knows doors close, but did you know they also open too? No need to destroy and rebuild every time you want to leave a room and then re-enter for some privacy!

2. Food

We know spaghetti makes for great ammo in a food fight, but did you know it cures hunger, which is the original reason we even have food anyway? Who knew!

3. Pizza Boxes

No one even knows what the heck these are for!

4. Apartment Keys

Everyone knows apartment keys make great toys for distracting crying babies, but I for one was shocked the more to know that apartment keys are also great for losing. If you ever want to lose something I recommend trying your apartment keys. What a great way to spend an afternoon with the kids than looking for your apartment keys? Fun family time for the whole family!

5. Books

Remember that last day of school feeling, when you ran out to your ’87 Firebird, put your arm around your girl, who smiled at you with those pearly whites and said, “Now throw away those damn books forever, Johnny and take me in the back seat of your ’87 Firebird!” Well, books are more then things to forget after schools out. They also make great movies. Harry Potter, The Mask, Mad Men, and even The Bible were all books before being recorded on the silver screen. Did you know also Forrest Gump wrote books? Yes, believe it or not Tom Hank’s most famous role was an autobiography before he acted in the Grammy-winning film. It was a best-seller, too!

6. Nerds

Few activities exist that are more American than making fun of nerds. And with cellphones, laptops, and social networking, there are so may ways to harass those 4-eyed gaywads than ever before. But here’s something about nerds you may not have known: muscle shirts! That’s right, these pock-faced strands of cooked angel-hair pasta look way cooler in a muscle shirt than you might think. Give it a try—you might find yourself impressed and inspired to try new things for once.

7. Criminal Justice Reform

If you’re like me, you believe that poverty is at the root of inequality in America, and that a lack of educational opportunity is the biggest factor determining who is susceptible to the causes of poverty — prejudice in its various forms, insufficient economic opportunity, divestment, and the weakening of labor-protection laws, to name a few. When society makes it impractical for people to achieve their desires, they will deviate from society’s norms. For youth, in particular, this often results in gang involvement, where the disenfranchised find acceptance, measures of success, structure, and opportunities for achievement that they otherwise would not. But for many, a life of organized crime also means a life of recidivism.

Every culture is inherently imperfect, and will disenfranchise certain groups both by design and by nature (and enfranchise different groups to varying degrees for the same reasons). So it is the job of government to correct for this imbalance — through social programs, investment, public works, and education. The level of mass incarceration in this country is a monumental failure of government; where it has failed, those with means have the responsibility to step in and act.

Well, that’s all. Bet you can’t wait to show your friends how woke you are at the next party!