Part 1 — The FEAR

Darryl Morris

The Juice Media — (Hint: these guys take tips in Bitcoin)

The Delusions

The Australian tech sector is reeling and the global one is gobsmacked. Last Thursday, the Opposition party colluded with the minority Government to pass the encryption breaking, eaves dropping, Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018, or more succinctly know as Ass Access. This, after having spent the day arguing for the inclusion of 170 last minute amendments, then dropping them all when the vote came because the government ‘left the building’.

The politics of how this came about is a macabre illustration of the mental sicknesses of our current leaders, as Five Eyes subordinates, and the explosive death rattles of the ruling Liberal Party torn apart by far right-wing members purposefully blowing it up, even when they get their way. …

Thoughts on EIP960

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Southern Cassowary HODLing an apple

As an independent Ethereum DAPP developer, I’m really quite happy sitting in a front row seat watching the highly skilled acrobatics of the core dev team as they research and implement insidiously tricky protocol improvements. I trust them by my knowledge of their demonstrated merit, that they won’t slip and fall from a great height, ruin the show and send the audience running for ticket refunds. It’s a show ring in which I’m happy to not interfere but feel knowledgeable enough to have a reasonably educated opinion on the matters.

As everyone in this community would know, Vitalik raised EIP960 on April 1st (April Fools Day) which proposes to cap the total supply of ether. The EIP reads as a serious and properly reasoned proposal so naturally the community was abuzz in trying to work out what that actual joke was. Thankfully he didn’t keep us in suspense and Tweeted the following day that it was a ‘meta joke’ to get people arguing over whether is was a joke or not! So I’ll lol for that, clap a couple of times and throw some popcorn at him. …

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The Nature of Nature

I cannot imagine a better education in complex systems and emergent dynamics than to have spent at least ones formative years growing up in nature. For me it was the Australian bush in South East Queensland, overlooking the Boarder Ranges toward New South Wales.

Schooldays were spent bare-footed and un-uniformed in a two teacher school while spare time was spent playing in the creeks, valleys and hills around our community. I was generally free to wander as I liked and would often spend the entire day exploring alone the back country. Sometimes on horses but mostly on foot.

In spite of my childhood Christian beliefs, there is nothing ‘designed’ or ‘created’ about nature. It is entirely emergent, and in that emergence has evolved the most generalised solutions to every intricate problem of existence to date. Like water finding a hole in any container, evolution flows into and fills all problems it encounters and flows out of any solution that it finds. It is an entropic force pooling and releasing flows of energy into forms of higher complexity, higher awareness, and higher appreciation of its billion years of wisdom. It is for me divinity experiential, defying all religious modalities. …

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This is the companion article to recent talks given at the World Blockchain Conclave in Mumbai and Bangalore, March 2018. Thank you to 1.21GWS for hosting these events and trusting me with the platform.

Indra and Vironchana Seek the ‘Self’

In the Hindu sacred text call the Chandogya Upanishad [1], is a story where Indra, the king of the gods and Virochana, the king of the demons seek knowledge of the true self at the ashram of Prajapati, the lord of all beings…

Prajapati asks, “Desiring what have you come to live here?”

Indra and Virochana reply, “We seek that self which is free from evil, free from old age, free from death, free from grief, free from hunger and thirst. He who has found out, he who understands that self, he obtains all worlds and all desires.”

I am in despair. Surely you know that feeling when you want to help a friend starting out in some pursuit, but in helping it comes to pass that their earlier decisions were greatly compromised. They’ve fallen into dangerous commitments beyond their control. You know that to assist them further entangles you in their mistakes and unbounded future repercussions.

You reason with them, they understand. You explore their motivations, they acknowledge where they were wrong. At best it can be put down to inexperience, forgivable, but you must make a decision. …

on Intrinsically Tradable Tokens

Darryl Morris
13 June 2017

Described here is a mechanism of fair market fund raising for ICO’s with secondary market dynamics which can reward companies with further market funding for successful value creation.

Last night I slept through yet another Ethereum token sale. With the timing and speed at which these ICO’s are filled, I guess it’s just an emergent bias against Oceania Time Zones. This one was the Bancor ICO (BNT). It raised $120mm in a few hours leaving the blockchain panting for hours after. …

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Dear auto-parts industry,

Blockchain offers you a way to get it right.

I live an a regional/remote location where people are dependant upon reliable personal transportation and farm equipment. When something breaks we generally make do and fix it ourselves. But when parts undeniably need replacing, we actually need to replace them with the ‘correct’ part. By correct, I mean ‘physically correct’. A part that is the clone or better of the part that is being replaced.

This is in contrast to what I shall call “Catalogue Correct” in which a part is looked up through a category tree of available parts by a trusted autoparts store salesman, for example, Make: Subaru…Year model: 2006… Engine size: 2.5lt…Transmission: Auto and so on. A part code is found and inventory says they have two in stock. Salesman even offers me a generous discount for buying both. The trade is done and I travel a considerable distance back home full of optimistic feelings that I can get the much needed car back on the road. …


abstract: A look at the current and future motivations for demonetisation, it’s inherent denial of free trade and fairness, and offer an alternative cash system based in crypto-currencies.

The Australian Government has been looking to demonetise Australia’s $100 notes. This follows a report by financial services analysts and Investment bank, UBS who describe themselves as, “…providing financial advice and solutions to wealthy, institutional and corporate clients worldwide.”

Among the reasons given is that it will reduce crime, welfare fraud, increase tax revenue and bank deposits and cites for its argument the increasing use of digital payment and credit systems leading to a reduced usage of cash. …


Darryl Morris

Independent Ethereum Developer

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